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December 16, 2019
Pod Save America
“A jury of Trump’s peers.”

In This Episode

The House prepares to impeach Donald Trump as new polling shows an uptick in support, Chuck Schumer tries to prevent Mitch McConnell from rigging the Senate trial, and the Democratic presidential candidates prepare for their final debate of 2019.

Show notes


  • NYT: ‘No Choice’ or ‘a Sham’: Where Every House Member Stands on Impeachment
  • CBS News: CBS News poll: Americans remain divided on impeachment
  • Fox News: Fox News Poll: Trump job approval ticks up, views on impeachment steady
  • CNBC: Congress faces high-stakes week with impeachment, trade and funding votes ahead
  • Politico: House Judiciary approves articles of impeachment, paving way for floor vote
  • NYT: Panel Approves Impeachment Articles and Sends Charges for a House Vote
  • NPR: House Judiciary Committee Approves 2 Articles Of Impeachment Against Trump
  • Yahoo News: New Fox News poll on impeachment contradicts its most loyal viewer — President Trump
  • Bloomberg: Trump Impeachment Drama Not Changing Minds, New Polls Show
  • WaPo: ‘We’ve seen enough’: More than a dozen editorial boards call for Trump’s 
  • Impeachment
  • WaPo: Trump claims his polls numbers have gone ‘through the roof’ thanks to impeachment. Define ‘roof.’
  • Politico: Poll: As impeachment progresses, voter support remains static
  • Vox: The Trump campaign’s boast about impeachment polling is actually an own goal
  • CNN: ‘I’m not trying to pretend to be a fair juror here’: Graham predicts Trump impeachment will ‘die quickly’ in Senate
  • ABC News: McConnell to work in ‘total coordination’ with White House on impeachment trial
  • Axios: Lindsey Graham wants to “deep-six” Trump’s impeachment trial
  • CNN: McConnell and White House counsel agree to coordinate impeachment trial plans
  • WaPo: Top Senate Democrat calls for testimony from Mulvaney, Bolton in a proposal to GOP on parameters for Trump impeachment trial
  • LA Times: Senate impeachment trial is expected. How it will work is very uncertain
  • WaPo: On impeachment, Democrats can put Republicans on defense. Here’s how.
  • WSJ: GOP Tries to Balance What Trump Wants With Limited Impeachment Trial
  • The Hill: Democrats seek leverage for Trump impeachment trial
  • NBC News: Democrats blast GOP senators for signaling how they’ll vote in Senate impeachment trial
  • CNN: ‘Subversion of constitutional order’: Nadler slams McConnell for coordinating with White House on Senate impeachment trial
  • NYT: McConnell, Coordinating With White House, Lays Plans for Impeachment Trial
  • WaPo: McConnell’s vow of ‘total coordination’ with White House on Senate impeachment trial angers Democrats
  • FiveThirtyEight: Tracking Congress In The Age Of Trump
  • NBC News: Nadler: Anti-impeachment Democrat switching parties because he would lose primary
  • Politico: Jeff Van Drew party switch came as Democrats abandoned him
  • NPR: House Democrat Who Opposed Impeachment Plans To Switch To The Republican Party
  • Vox: A House Democrat who opposes impeachment is expected to switch political parties
  • WaPo: Rep. Jeff Van Drew, anti-impeachment Democrat, expected to switch parties after Trump meeting
  • NYT: Representative Jeff Van Drew, Anti-Impeachment Democrat, Plans to Switch Parties
  • WaPo: Freshman Democrats push for Amash as impeachment manager
  • NYT: What Is the Impeachment Process? A Step-by-Step Guide


  • LA Times: 2020 candidates threaten to boycott next week’s Democratic debate in L.A. over labor dispute 
  • NYT: 2020 Democrats Threaten to Boycott Debate Over Labor Dispute
  • Vox:  2020 Democrats may skip the next presidential debate over a labor dispute
  • NYT: Cory Booker Leads the Charge to Change Debate Rules That Excluded Him 
  • BuzzFeed: The Top Democratic Candidates Are Urging The DNC To Change Its Debate Rules
  • NYT: The D.N.C. Chairman Knows No One Is Happy. Neither Is He.
  • NYT: Cory Booker Keeps Going – He won’t be on the debate stage next week. But he says his campaign continues, “debate or not.” 
  • WaPo: Amid adversity and missteps, Biden’s resilience has been one theme of 2019  
  • CNN: 2020 polls in California and Texas 
  • Texas Tribune: Joe Biden sells himself as the Democrat to beat Trump — and turn Texas blue — during San Antonio campaign stop 
  • Reuters: Texas a Linchpin in Biden’s Super Tuesday Strategy
  • Politico: Poll: Biden continues to dominate among black voters 
  • The Hill: Biden gets polling boost heading into next Democratic debate – Former Vice 
  • Politico: Warren vs. Buttigieg feud creates an opening for Biden in Iowa
  • NYT: Elizabeth Warren Draws Sharp Contrasts With Rivals in New Hampshire Speech 
  • LA Times: Warren’s once high-flying campaign has lost altitude. She has a plan for rising again 
  • Slate: Elizabeth Warren Gets Off the Mat – The onetime co-front-runner delivers her most direct response yet to the haters, skeptics, and Buttigiegs.
  • CNN: Elizabeth Warren is now the lone female candidate at the top of the 2020 field, and she wants you to know it – By MJ Lee 
  • NYT: Elizabeth Warren Is Fighting a Two-Flank War 
  • WaPo: Elizabeth Warren refocuses her message — and takes shots at her rivals 
  • Politico: Why Warren’s Drop In the Polls Is Good News for Her 
  • Des Moines Register: Bernie Sanders calls Pete Buttigieg’s health care plan ‘a failed idea’ 
  • Huffpo: How Bernie Sanders’s Endorsement Of An Ally Blew Up In His Face 
  • Vox: Why Bernie Sanders just endorsed, then un-endorsed, a California congressional candidate 
  • Reuters – White House hopeful Bernie Sanders gets boost from progressive network 
  • NYT: Amid Bernie Sanders’s ‘Resurgence,’ a Progressive Coalition Endorses Him 
  • AP: Mighty Bernie at Bat? Sanders Makes Pitch for Minor Leagues
  • WaPo: Pete Buttigieg takes aim at Democratic ‘purity tests’
  • WaPo: Inside Pete Buttigieg’s years-long, and often clumsy, quest to understand the black experience
  • Politico: Buttigieg’s top fundraisers include McKinsey partner, Wall Street execs 
  • Recode – Pete Buttigieg is raising money from Silicon Valley’s billionaires 
  • HuffPo: Pete Buttigieg’s ‘I Trust You To Figure Out Your Health Care’ Infuriates Twitter Critics 
  • Politico: The left nukes Buttigieg over McKinsey work
  • Politico: Mayor Pete’s bestie is helping craft the Warren agenda 
  • NYT: Will Trump Debate a Democrat in 2020? He’s Not So Sure
  • WaPo: The Trailer: Andrew Yang’s increasingly normal campaign 
  • NYT: 2020 Campaigns Throw Their Hands Up on Disinformation