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May 14, 2018
Pod Save The People
A Long Shadow

In This Episode

DeRay, Sam, Clint and Brittany discuss the overlooked news, including depiction of abortions in the mainstream and marijuana arrests in NYC. Author and researcher Chuck Collins and policy expert Josh Hoxie join to discuss their study Road to Zero about the nuances of the racial wealth gap.

Show Notes:


New York Times: Service meant to monitor inmates’ phone calls could track you, too


The Guardian: ‘Still fighting’: Africatown, site of last US slave shipment, sues over pollution

Think Progress: Finally, the accurate TV depiction of abortion we’ve all been waiting for


History Channel: History stories – The last slave ship survivor gave an interview in the 1930s. It just surfaced.


New York Times: Surest Way to Face Marijuana Charges in New York: be Black or Hispanic


Inequality: Report: The Road to Zero Wealth

Twitter: Chuck Collins

Twitter: Josh Hoxie


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