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April 17, 2024
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Black Voters’ Views on Biden

In This Episode

Tommy is joined by Terrance Woodbury, Democratic strategist and pollster, to talk about President Biden’s standing with young Black men and other groups he’ll need to win the White House a second time. Plus, highlights from the opening days of Trump’s criminal trial in New York, Biden’s promise to tax the rich, and what new data says about the influence of third-party candidates like Robert F. Kennedy Jr. and Cornel West.

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Show Notes



  • AP News: Only 1 in 3 US adults think Trump acted illegally in New York hush money case, AP-NORC poll shows 
  • CNN: Fact check: Trump’s false and unsubstantiated claims about his Manhattan criminal case
  • Bloomberg: Four Out of Five Republicans Think Trump Probes Are ‘Witch Hunt’



  • CNN: Biden pushes his economic populism on the trail in Pennsylvania as Trump sits in a New York courtroom
  • REUTERS: Biden targets wealthy in Pennsylvania tour with a hometown visit
  • U.S. News: Biden Returns to His Scranton, Pennsylvania, Roots to Pitch His Plan for Higher Taxes on the Rich
  • AP NEWS: Biden visits his Pennsylvania hometown to call for more taxes on the rich and cast Trump as elitist
  • WaPo: Voters think the nation is going off rails — just not in their state
  • Brookings: How voters feel about the economy: 4 takeaways from the latest polls



  • REAL CLEAR POLITICS: 2024 Presidential General Election Polls
  • SplitTicket: Chaos In The Crosstabs
  • NYT: What to Know About R.F.K. Jr. and His Threat to Biden and Trump
  • CNN: Cornel West to announce VP pick on Tavis Smiley show Wednesday
  • NPR: Robert F. Kennedy Jr. wants to get on the ballot in all 50 states. It won’t be easy



  • WSJ: Biden Loses Support Among Black Men, WSJ Poll Finds
  • HIT STRATEGIES POLLING: Black gender and generational gap persist in 2024 
  • HIT STRATEGIES POLLING: Black gender and generational gap persist in 2022  
  • HIT STRATEGIES POLLING: Black Gender and Generation Gaps in Voter Turnout
  • HIT STRATEGIES: Watch: Men of Color, who Supported Biden in 2020, Contemplate Third-Party Voting in 2024 and Criticize Supreme Court in Recent Focus Groups
  • WaPo: Could Biden’s problems with Black voters help Trump win? 
  • PEW RESEARCH CENTER: Changing Partisan Coalitions in a Politically Divided Nation
  • THE HILL: Biden tops Trump by 4 points in new survey of young voters
  • Pew Research Center: Behind Biden’s 2020 Victory
  • USATODAY: Young voters aren’t warming up to Biden. They know it means Trump could win again.
  • PEW RESEARCH CENTER: Younger Americans stand out in their views of the Israel-Hamas war
  • NebraskaExaminer: Israel-Hamas war sets progressive and young voters on collision course with White House



  • NY1: Biden heads southwest to shore up support in the key states of Nevada and Arizona
  • APNEWS: As Biden tours the country and visits swing states, Trump is fundraising and playing golf
  • PBS: Biden meets with Teamsters as he seeks to bolster his support among unions
  • ABCNEWS: Biden campaign sees abortion rights, independent voters as key in Arizona and Nevada
  • CBSNEWS: Biden’s new student loan forgiveness plan could help 30 million borrowers. Here’s who would qualify.