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June 05, 2024
Keep It
Chromatica, Furiosa, The Fall Guy, & New York Nightflife with LadyFag

In This Episode

Ira and Louis discuss Gaga’s Chromatica Ball, Jon Lovett on Survivor, Cybertrucks, Scrappy-Doo, and the current state of movies from Furiosa, Garfield, Hitman, to The Fall Guy. Ladyfag joins to discuss her New York nightlife origin story and the upcoming LadyLand Festival.

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Ira Madison III And we are back with an all new episode of Keep It. Welcome to Pride month! I’m Ira Madison, the third.


Louis Virtel I’m Louis Virtel, or as the Pope calls our podcast, the Frotegene News network. Um your fagot ness from us. Oh, finally he spills. It’s been so many years since they have done any truth telling over in the Vatican, and I am really thrilled that word has gotten around the way it did. He said there’s enough fagot ness in the world of Catholicism already. Anyway, it was very baffling. Frotegene, you know, not since some of you look, I have I studied Italian this much, and it’s really sticking with me.


Ira Madison III Well, there are a couple of Frotegenes in Luca, you know what I’m saying?


Louis Virtel The creators deny it, but I saw a couple. Yeah.


Ira Madison III For, our Keep It listeners who will also be listening to me the same day on Hunter Harris and Peyton Dixon’s new podcast. We were also discussing this hot topic about the Pope and the Vatican. And what I’m really interested in, story wise, is there wasn’t like an audio recording or some leak. So what really happened is somebody afterwards had to have been like, so did you hear what the pope said?


Louis Virtel Where’s their story? Where’s that limited series? I said, you know, I was acquainted with. So. Okay, something that’s baffling about this is so from a gay means fagot ness, which I already am blown away by that translation. Do you know what the word, the actual f word is in, Italian? Finocchiaro. As in Pinocchio with an F? How have I not thrown this word at? Say, Timothy, shall a man call me by your name? I mean. It’s so useful.


Ira Madison III When you think about it. Pinocchio is a little twink.


Louis Virtel Up the twink, please. Down to the stance.


Ira Madison III Number one three.


Louis Virtel Down to the walking.


Ira Madison III And that island of donkey is is, Fire Island.


Louis Virtel Actually. And San Francisco, if we’re talking about donkey. Yeah, yeah.


Ira Madison III I don’t know if we need a new Pinocchio, but I’m actually very interested in a queer Pinocchio retelling now.


Louis Virtel Yeah, well, I mean, I’m sorry if his name is going to fucking rhyme with fagot. Can we get in on this? I mean, it just doesn’t seem that hard. It’s like a poem. It writes itself. I also like that we got into Dumbo last week, and now we’re into Pinocchio this week. I didn’t think that we had a lot of queer things to unearth here. I thought that work had been done, but I’m incorrect.


Ira Madison III Are we Disney adults?


Louis Virtel Oh no, I retire. I put myself out to pasture. Bury me under the jungle cruise. Queens.


Ira Madison III Okay, well, speaking of old Queens, let’s talk about this Elizabeth Taylor shirt you’re wearing. Oh, for our listeners, yes, it is a shirt that says Elizabeth Taylor. But, it is in different colors. The pride colors, as it were.


Louis Virtel Yes. So, the Elizabeth Taylor estate reached out to me on Instagram and it just says Elizabeth Taylor with a picture of Elizabeth Taylor. And the message begins, hi, Lewis. At which point I said, I’m listening. And then they asked if I wanted some merch from. It’s called the House of Taylor. That’s like the estate does this like Elizabeth Taylor merch. And so this is a white shirt with rainbow lettering of Elizabeth Taylor. But it’s not just rainbow lettering. There’s pink letters in it too. And I want to say that’s extra pride points because the pride flag is of course gay and iconographic, but so are Crayola washable. And this pink is exactly Crayola washable pink. I’m very thrilled to wear it. I’ve been thinking about Elizabeth Taylor, who I think among celebrities, she’s one of the rare people where the more you know about her, the more you fucking love her. You can go deeper and deeper and deeper. And her movies were both extremely classic and some of them very weird. If you haven’t seen boom, that’s a very weird movie, but obviously watch Who’s Afraid of Virginia Woolf? Obviously watch A place in the sun suddenly last summer. There’s it’s both legitimate drama and some gay camp and all of these. So, very recommend it for this pride month.


Ira Madison III Thinking about Elizabeth Taylor, obviously. White diamonds. The fragrance. Do you recall the. I wonder if they still have the posters there at the Abbey of the Blue Velvet Martini, as it were, the Elizabeth Taylor drink that was made, in honor of her? No, it’s a nod to her film National Velvet.


Louis Virtel Oh. Blue velvet. Okay, sure, sure, sure. I. By the way, if you have not seen National Velvet, it is such a sweet one. A sports movie starring a woman. And as you know, we have, what, three of those all together night from 1940 is one of my favorite supporting actress winners. And Revere plays her mother much? Go ahead and watch it. And Angela Lansbury is in it. Lots to mine anyway. Go ahead. What’s in this drink?


Ira Madison III So it’s a blue drink, obviously, with vodka and blueberry schnapps.


Louis Virtel Quaint. I can picture her ordering it at the abbey, where she, by the way, she would just go sometimes.


Ira Madison III Yes. It was David Cooley who owned the abbey at the time. I moved to L.A. about right after Elizabeth Taylor died. And that’s when the drink was first debuted at the Abbey. And it was a nod to her because she used to just show up with her dog and go to the abbey. And apparently the Halloween before she had died, she came and there was just a line around the block of people to come and see Elizabeth Taylor.


Louis Virtel Right? She’s like a building you could visit at one point in LA. Like we don’t have, just, like, golden age people sitting around anymore. You know, I when I was on Love It or Leave It the other week, we were talking about the, the world of exchanging stories of Faye Dunaway being around town. And I guess technically, you know, she’s still with us. There’s a documentary coming out, so maybe she’ll be visible again. But that is just so over that world of just, oh, somebody’s lingering around LA, who’s some queen from the 60s, some double Oscar winner.


Ira Madison III Oh, love it or leave it. Where’s he at?


Louis Virtel No. Guess, what his ambitions are.


Ira Madison III Well, I hope he’s good wherever he is.


Louis Virtel Right? Right. Yeah. Laying back, kicking back on the sand, if you will. Yeah. So I’ve seen video footage where this man, John Lovett, our coworker, appears to be on the television series survivor. I will say, as somebody who has worked with, with him at various hit camps. I can see that he has the rage to do this. I’ve watched him work, and, you know, I already look a little bit like a villain in Sophie’s Choice. Like I’ve got that intensity.


Ira Madison III You’re the cashier.


Louis Virtel Yeah. Yeah. I want her to make a choice, you know what I’m saying? Like, I’m curious how far it’ll take him. I truly have no guess how he will do. It’s very interesting to me.


Ira Madison III Yeah. You know, our friend Aaron, Gloria Ryan tweeted this as she said, I don’t mean this in a mean way. I love that we’re 100% have a villain edit on survivor.


Louis Virtel Well, anybody whose whole thing is being a little witty and frankly snarky like, that’s not there’s no hero version of that really, you know?


Ira Madison III Yeah. Also, they showed a clip of him and he was wearing a yellow sweater, while talking about, at the last time I was in the woods with like, the Boy Scouts, etc., whatever. I’m pretty sure that was a bowtie shirt that he was wearing. And so, yeah, he’s going to be the LA villain. Yeah, probably. Or maybe not, but I hope that he at least makes it to merge and then juries so that can talk about him on the show every week. If he goes out early, then it’s funny. But then what do we have to talk about?


Louis Virtel No. It’s upsetting. I do want this to be a serial. And also, as you know, I just love describing the things he wears. In a fashion. Police. Joan Rivers vintage fast fashion police way when they were truly bastard. Those are mean people. They just threw on television to insult clothes. That’s my people.


Ira Madison III It was it. Besides her.


Louis Virtel It was like Brad Gorecki working with her and.


Ira Madison III Yeah.


Louis Virtel Yeah, people of that. But Joan would always be the meanest. I mean, like, Kerry Washington could wear something perfectly benign, and she would say, go to hell, Kerry Washington. I mean, it’s so funny.


Ira Madison III I miss that era. But I just was recently rewatching, I was in Fire Island for a bit, and some of my friends had on Rachel Zoe project had just dropped on Peacock, so they just were watching it all day and revisiting revisiting the way that people talk to Dan like that, her the way that she talked. But that was a specific way that gays and white women all started talking that exact same way during those years, and it was really a shock hearing it again in my ears.


Louis Virtel Now, it sounds to me like you’re saying like very casual use of, say, the word tranny.


Ira Madison III Yeah, I mean, there’s there’s tragedy, but there’s also just the inflection, and the way people used to always say, like, you know, like if they’re out of, like, almond milk at the coffee shop, right. Something like, oh, my God, I’m going to die. Kill me.


Louis Virtel Yes. I’m like valley girl, kind of. But 2000s.


Ira Madison III Yeah. Valley girl, but mundane and sort of very, deadpan the way everything was at Paris Hilton. Yeah.


Louis Virtel Those girls. Yeah. That really became visual as vibe. In fact, I think a lot of millennials, like elder millennials, people around our age, I think are clinging to that. Like that was where our halcyon days was golden. Precisely. Now, what the hell is going on with this episode?


Ira Madison III Well.


Louis Virtel So.


Ira Madison III Speaking of at Pinocchio’s. We have the delightful, the wonderful, Ladyfag joining us this week. New York nightlife queen. I’m always at her parties. As she mentions in the interview, she was like, this is what you look like in the daylight.


Louis Virtel She seemed a little. She felt provoked. I could tell you was novel to her. Yeah.


Ira Madison III So we’re going to talk to her a bit this week. And then also speaking of another queen of the is Lady Gaga dropped her Chromatica Ball Tour concert finally on HBO Max. Over the Memorial Day weekend. This concert was ten years ago.


Louis Virtel I was going to say this album came out in the early 80s. I believe it competed with Christopher Cross on the charts. I guess we’ll get into this, but quickly. At the end of the Chromatica Ball, she just beamed something across the screen that says LG seven is coming or whatever. And it’s like, but first of all, of course it is like you put up a pop star. You should have like a big reveal. It’s like, right, you put out albums anyway.


Ira Madison III Well, there was a snippet of a new song, right as well. So I mean, it’s just got to get the gaze rustled, you know, there’s, there’s the rumor that the album will be coming this year prior to Joker, which I think is a bit of a shock to everyone because I thought that she was entering her Rihanna era of, what’s music?


Louis Virtel Yeah. What if I just gave you a bag and kind of appeared every once in a while and I seemed to be pregnant? Always.


Ira Madison III Yeah. So I thought that that’s where we were going with Gaga. But we’ll get into this when we talk about Chromatica. But it was honestly fun to watch her perform again.


Louis Virtel Oh, no, you forget that. She’s like one of our most dynamic live acts, with also so much concept behind everything she does, we’ll get. To that. We also will talk about, the other queen of the gay as Miss Garfield. She has a movie out, and so does furious. And no one really cares.


Ira Madison III You in that tweet.


Louis Virtel Guys, I rarely would say. That’s me. You know, Louis Patel is, like, one of the more humble podcasters. When I ate with this fucking tweet and called it that release lasagna Taylor-Joy. You girls were on the floor beneath me. You were eating the floor as I. Louis, ascended.


Ira Madison III That was a good one. Yeah, right. I did not see either of those films. Maybe I’m the problem with, cinema right now. I’m helping to kill the movies.


Louis Virtel Well, I’m excited to read Scorsese’s essay about you.


Ira Madison III Yes. Yeah. So, we’re going to talk about the state of the movies also, this episode. So we’ll be right back with more Keep It.


Ira Madison III [AD]


Ira Madison III Well, it looks like that Nurtec money ran out because Lady Gaga has returned to her music career and dropped Gaga Chromatica ball.


Louis Virtel Migraine on me. Tsunami. Go ahead.


Ira Madison III The new film captures the last stop of her 2022 Chromatica tour and was directed, produced and created by Stefani Germanotta herself.


Louis Virtel Hmhm a follow up. I don’t know the word for single in French. Just her.


Ira Madison III You know, she definitely knew, how to say thank goodness in Italian. Oh, girl from New York.


Louis Virtel How was she not launched that on us? Yeah.


Ira Madison III Her uncle probably says. Actually, Joanne probably said it all the time.


Louis Virtel That’s the album I’m curious about. Why didn’t we get that version of Joanne?


Ira Madison III Well, she said there’s too much fantasy on there about her previous albums. And that’s why Gaga moved Joanne.


Louis Virtel Oh. Country one. Finally. Yes.


Ira Madison III Yeah.


Louis Virtel Why don’t you surprised by the way, that we got in this movie? Like a couple of songs from Joanne and then I don’t believe a single song from Artpop.


Ira Madison III Yeah, that bitch hates Artpop.


Louis Virtel I fucking can’t.


Ira Madison III Get.


Louis Virtel It. Yeah, I.


Ira Madison III Don’t get it. She seems to pretend that whole era doesn’t exist, which. Fine. She was cavorting on stage with Art Kelly.


Louis Virtel From a tabloid perspective. Not a great era.


Ira Madison III Yeah, yeah, she was, giving a lot of Kate Moss vibes, if you know what I mean. During that era, too, it was. She was Artpop was a whole journey. And I think that she is, she’ll revisit it at some point. But right now, Artpop seems to be dead right.


Louis Virtel So Chromatica Ball starts and she immediately does, in a kind of surprising move, I think, Bad Romance into Just Dance into Poker Face. I mean, like truly clearing out like the the most legendary part of her catalog immediately. But something about this concert special that that was so amazing and it speaks to a well, she can go back to time and again that works for her. Specifically when she leans into sci fi. It works so well. The look of this, tour, especially at the beginning. It’s a very B-movie from the 50s, 60s where it’s everything’s like Logan’s Run or Barbarella, like the giant shoulder appliqués, the epaulets, the, vague monster movie vibe. That’s something that, weirdly, no other pop star can do and lean into and find a lot of cool comedy in. And even like when you think of the way she’s overlapped with, like, Madonna’s various iterations over the years, Madonna never did anything like sci fi, you know, like give a bedtime story, like leans into it a little bit, but not really. She really in that universe has found her own specific thing. And I think the best parts of the whole movie are when she is wearing, for instance, like a lizard goblin headpiece and just turns her head a little bit. It’s so funny, and I think she is funny, and you can lose sight of that. In the midst of the somewhat self-serious moments she also has on stage, where she, like, has to command all of us to love ourselves. I’m not saying that’s not important. I’m just saying some of us got to be gay adults and we did the work already. Can we move on? You know what I’m saying?


Ira Madison III Yeah. You know, RuPaul says that every week, right?


Louis Virtel Which is like our church, right? So we get that in the Missal at every week, and we’re reading it and reciting it.


Ira Madison III Yeah, I love just the costumes. I love just the energy of the show. She does have such a massive catalog, and she’s such a great performer that. She can open the show with that. And honestly, I will say, though, that the end of the show didn’t really hit for me as much as it did when I saw the Chromatica tour. So I saw the Chromatica tour. We discussed this in 2022, of course in Paris. I saw it after my friend’s wedding, took the little Eurostar down to Paris and, saw Lady Gaga’s show.


Louis Virtel Okay. Juliette Binoche. Yeah. Go ahead.


Ira Madison III She closed out the show with a hold my hand at the time, but just Top Gun was massive. She set that song in it, and we didn’t really care about that song, but I posited that the song was major in a stadium moment when she performed it at the end of her concert.


Louis Virtel Yes, but.


Ira Madison III That doesn’t really translate. Two years later, watching it on, you know, HBO. I was just sort of like, okay, here’s the saw. There’s this. I barely realize she was wearing this big claw hands.


Louis Virtel Yes. Very Vega from Street Fighter. Yes.


Ira Madison III And so that just sort of hit with a little thud to me, mostly because after the Chromatica tour, she sort of vanished from giving a fuck about music. She was in her nerd tech land. She was doing like Joker Folie I do. And so we never really even got any more performances of that song.


Louis Virtel I forgot that song existed when she started to tear into it. It took me two extra beats to place it, actually. Then I was like, oh yeah, right, Top Gun Maverick. And obviously she was in fact nominated for an Oscar for I probably was a serious contender for the win. But that was also the year of not to not to which, took over immediately and won the Oscar eventually. But, yeah, I don’t think it has a lot of lasting power in her catalog. It doesn’t feel like something I’m going to return to and be like, oh, I have to hear that in concert. Even though, of course, she can belt God, can she belts like, the vocals are so amazing at this concert. And I have to say, this is a tour that really benefits from not being overexposed. You know, not to say that like eras and the Renaissance Tour are overexposed areas I believe is still going on. In fact, we’re just going to keep getting errors as as I understand it. But like you are aware of those as massive pop cultural moments or whatever. And Chromatica sort of has slipped under the radar, both as an album and as a tour. So to revisit it and realize, oh, there’s so much going on here. And so it adds as much levity as it does seriousness. Just impressive top to bottom.


Ira Madison III I think another reason for that is that the tour was in 2022, and I think that 2023 was really a big year for Renaissance Tour, Arista, or even Madonna’s tour on TikTok constantly like TikTok or reels, the Madonna tour was on reels because her fans are old. And so you were constantly inundated with this concert footage, right? And unless you specifically followed Fagots who were going to the Chromatica tour. You weren’t seeing that content all the time, and it was pretty localized too. There weren’t a lot of people who I knew who were traveling to Europe to see the show. For instance, the way I and several people did for Renaissance tours, and then people also did for eras. Just because 2023 was also the sort of, dam breaking of the whole Ticketmaster monopoly shit, which is now, of course, led to the lawsuit. That was just sort of when everyone was like, rent’s too damn high, you know, concerts are too fucking expensive in the U.S. we’re going to travel to see these. And Chromatica was sort of like the year before. All of that.


Louis Virtel Happens now, it sounds like this is a way to get into the real topic at hand, which is J.Lo canceling her tour.


Ira Madison III Let me stop laughing because some people get it wrong online when I make jokes about J.Lo. That is my Leo sister. Okay, I love J.Lo down. I remember telling you back in the day where we went to see J.Lo in Vegas. I was like, you are going to love it. She’s amazing. She’s a consummate performer. And she is. And it is so weird to see this backlash to J.Lo happening because. All she did was release some projects. You know, she was the moment from hustlers to now could not there could not be a wider valley.


Louis Virtel Yeah. Right. No. She was like we were like, oh, she’s on track to get an Oscar nomination. And she had the incredible Super Bowl moment with Shakira, one of my favorite halftime shows ever. And then these, I will say. And we talked about, her weird Moonwalker movie. It was admirable in a way, and there was a lot going on, and she obviously funded it herself, like, cool, whatever. But it just didn’t stick. Like she didn’t have the literally one pop hook you needed to, like, remember the era by. And I do think it was a bit of a folly to book a stadium immediately after that. Obviously she is a huge superstar, but I think also, I mean, like I think of when we saw her in Vegas where I was just right underneath her and obviously that’s like a a pretty big room, but not like a stadium sized room. That to me is perfect for J.Lo because she’s larger than life as a celebrity, but not as a performer. Even though she outlasts the entire room, she will dance you down. The woman is, I mean, as I do not need to report so in shape. It’s wild. She looks like she’s made out of adamantium, right?


Ira Madison III Someone asked me this weekend, what do you think J.Lo is doing right now? And I said, honestly, the bitch is probably at the gym.


Louis Virtel Right? No, she is focused.


Ira Madison III She is always in training for the upcoming apocalypse. So like, I will find J.Lo when the aliens arrive, okay? She is going to survive.


Louis Virtel No, she is on the stepping machine and taking a call. Yeah.


Ira Madison III You know, I just started using the StairMaster recently. It’s never been a thing that I’ve used in the gym before, and now I kind of love it.


Louis Virtel It’s been very interesting. You know, you just, like, kind of get into it and you accept the pain of it eventually, even though it is, you know, like prison labor.


Ira Madison III Yeah, it is. And it’s I think it’s become this trend this summer because everyone is always tweeting about using the StairMaster and people doing their. I have my 20 minute StairMaster routine every day. I don’t know about that, but shout out to them, I’m sure.


Louis Virtel Yes. Yeah.


Ira Madison III But speaking of aliens and being in shape, right, J.Lo. Part of the other problem is do we want to see her and shit like Atlas?


Louis Virtel Well, apparently half of America just went and signed on for it because it’s like the biggest movie at Netflix right now.


Ira Madison III You open that app and it just starts playing. Okay, like I watched half of Tires before I realized what was happening.


Louis Virtel No, I please, Netflix is shady and strange. No. And also, excuse me, I saw the trailer for this movie and it looks like a Sega Saturn cutscene. Excuse me? What? She said like a she’s in like a Power Rangers Ultra Zord like contraption. Like walking around, she just picks the weirdest fucking things to do. It reminds me of when she did that show, Shades of Blue for I don’t know how many seasons. Was that, like a part of a Rumpelstiltskin curse? Why would she do that? I mean.


Ira Madison III She is obviously a consummate Leo because she is very much sort of enamored with her own mythology and just the idea that she is this serious actress. I feel like part of the reason why she works is she thinks she’s a different actress, than she actually is. And it’s we just want to see you playing an Italian woman married to a white man. Okay? Like, give us give us a rom com again.


Louis Virtel Yeah. Okay.


Ira Madison III Give us one of those. Or give us a boy next door type or something. You know, I think that that is what we want from her. We want sort of the schlock, the romance. Because she’s. J.Lo was a girl’s girl. Yeah. You know, she doesn’t really seem like a girl’s girl. Because I don’t even know if she has her best friend, Leah Remini, at this point. Which I just discovered that they had a falling out. And I think it’s because J. Lo’s dad is in Scientology.


Louis Virtel Really? As in, as in.


Ira Madison III Yeah.


Louis Virtel Leah initially reeled him in.


Ira Madison III No. And that that they reeled him and but, I think that they were when Leah might have been in or whatever. I think that they were mad at her for not converting J-Lo to Scientology.


Louis Virtel Oh yeah. They do seem to like having new celebrities involved in Scientology over at Scientology.


Ira Madison III They baby if J-Lo joined, that would have been hot for them. Okay. Right. But, like, I would have signed up.


Louis Virtel Oh, please. I would be on the sex to the center. Yes.


Ira Madison III Other side note about Scientology. It’s fun seeing people pre Scientology. There was just a photo of, of Madonna’s wedding to Sean Penn that was going viral around, like a limo with Tom cruise and it back in like 86 doing poppers with Keith Haring in the limo.


Louis Virtel What did you just fucking say to me?


Ira Madison III Sniffing poppers with Keith Haring in the limo? Tom Cruise, look this up. What? Yes.


Louis Virtel Did you draw this? Is this a real picture? I’ve been bedeviled by. I once and twice. Don’t even start with me about this.


Ira Madison III It is Tom Cruise and Keith Haring doing poppers in the limo on the way to Madonna and Sean Penn’s wedding. And it reminds me that, honestly, if he hadn’t gotten into Scientology, Tom cruise would have been like, very like cool, weird celebrity. He is weird. It’s still cool, but menacing.


Louis Virtel Right? But there’s just a slight, demented quality to Tom cruise always. As in, like, somebody got to him and it feels like Scientology. And he has this whole kooky math system science system going on in his head. But you’re right. Also, Keith Haring, what a way to live. And you’re, what, 30 years on this planet? Oh my God.


Ira Madison III Yeah, he did it all.


Louis Virtel Yeah, yeah. What else was there left to do? Yeah.


Ira Madison III But no, J.Lo. It’s just sort of like this is the.


Louis Virtel Vibe.


Ira Madison III That we want from her. You know? She seems like she’s always trying to remind us that she’s just a girl from the Bronx. You know, like, I just took the six every day, but that is her vibe. You know, you want to watch movies where she seems relatable enough, where maiden, Manhattan, The Wedding Planner, etc..


Louis Virtel Or hustlers, where she has some female friends? Yeah, actually.


Ira Madison III That’s a very good point. She has like the female friends in hustlers, right? And all of her other rom coms. And when you think about that movie about her life, then this is me now, then whatever. The friend group in that movie seemed so fake.


Louis Virtel Totally.


Ira Madison III It’s just like, here’s, here’s, here’s a couple gay people. Here’s a woman. It felt very, you know, central Kansas group.


Louis Virtel Yes. Friends.


Ira Madison III Yes. Central casting focus groups. And it didn’t make it didn’t make JLo’s life look, alluring or enticing or, like, you want it to be a part of it.


Louis Virtel No, no, no, no. And yet, you’re right, it wasn’t relatable. And she does achieve relatable in her best moments, I think even though, as you know, my least favorite thing an artist can do is claim in an attempt to have a root identity. I’m from somewhere. I fucking hate that. I used to be Barbra Streisand’s thing. It’s kind of J-Lo thing. Madonna only says I left Detroit and she’s disparaging about it. This makes her, like, advanced in this arena. Like, if you make fun of where you’re from, love that.


Ira Madison III Yeah, she was really good at the relatability in these roles, though. And then when you’d see regular J.Lo in her public life, with all these marriages, etc., and then just sort of like being this larger than life celebrity, that was a fun contrast, I feel like. But it feels like, I don’t know, the balloon popped and now we’re just sort of back to square one. With her. And I don’t know, she just needs a little break and then we need to see her do anything else.


Louis Virtel Yeah, she needs a new chapter. I don’t know what the next new things she can do is, because she kind of has done it all at this point. And like, obviously the new attempt at a concert tour has failed. So I don’t know. I’m curious what what her next move is.


Ira Madison III I believe she could do it and she just is. She worked with a fun producer again, even though Scott Stauch, you know, and released a song, I’m sure it would, people would enjoy it. The problem really was that album just wasn’t great.


Louis Virtel No it wasn’t. No, I mean, I gave it a shot. I enjoyed J.Lo out. I think every song on On the Six is great. I think the albums after that are all not good, aside from the singles on the albums, and I think this one didn’t even have the single, but anyway, which, by the way, let’s take this back to Chromatica quickly before we, piece out really almost no songs on that album. I dislike replay I have my issues with, but it was nice to revisit all of those songs really. It’s a top to bottom exciting album and I like how it was realized on stage, namely Babylon. Like how she didn’t do voguing, but it was like, you know, the sci fi tinged A Little Walk like an Egyptian kind of moves going on. That was fun.


Ira Madison III Oh, fuck her for, excluding Plastic Doll, my favorite song on Chromatica.


Louis Virtel I love Plastic Doll. Yes. Also, it was very cool to see her sing parts of other like she sang the sour candy, black pink parts. That was cool to see. And I also liked her doing the Jackson main parts of shallow, which I underestimated. We would get as part of the chromatic tour, but, the fabulous concert.


Ira Madison III We don’t really have many Gaga covers, do we know?


Louis Virtel I’m recently obsessed with a couple of Madonna covers, which, by the way, we don’t get a lot of the time either, so I hope people sing with Gaga is the vocals are so extreme or excellent, why would you cover them? You know what I mean? It’s like covering Whitney Houston. There’s only a couple of them.


Ira Madison III Well, no, I met well, that too, but I mostly meant from her own concerts. Like, we don’t really get her doing covers of other music.


Louis Virtel Oh, no. Which is so weird. And I love the ones I can think of. She collaborated with sting one time on a cover of King of Pain that I think is one of her most underrated live moments.


Ira Madison III But I think that what I really love about Maybe the Renaissance Tour is that Beyonce is still sort of devoted to the idea of honoring songs that she loves and musicians that she loves. So when she does a cover, whether it’s, Tina Turner on a Renaissance tour or, you know, doing Kings of Leon, Sex Is on Fire, doing Alanis Morissette, you know, it’s just always fun hearing an artist you love who can perform. Perform another artist’s songs. And it’s sort of like, either elevates it or gives you like a new, different vibe of it. And I don’t know, hearing her sing those parts of sour candy, hearing her sing the Jackson main parts, I think it would be fun to hear Gaga sort of take on another artists songs, you know, like a Lou Reed or maybe like, some other country artists right now.


Louis Virtel Also, it just tells you so much about the artists, like what they value and like, remember from probably growing up, you know what I mean? It does a lot more than, for example, insisting you’re from the Bronx.


Ira Madison III Yeah. All right, well, I’m gonna now imagine a origin story where, just the Italian girl from New York runs into Jennifer from the Bronx, and, they get into adventures in the city, sort of like shake it up.


Louis Virtel Okay. Actually, I think this is a complete pitch, so. Good work.


Ira Madison III All right, well, we’re back. We will be joined by Ladyfag.




Ira Madison III This week’s guest isn’t just on the pulse of New York City’s nightlife. She is the pulse. She’s the performer, producer, everything behind famed parties like Battle Hymn, Holy Mountain, the upcoming Ladyland festival, earning her the prestigious title of Nightlife Sorceress by The New York Times. So please welcome to Keep It, Ladyfag.


Ladyfag Wow, that made me sound, much safer than I think I actually am. But thank you for the intro. Nice to see you in the daytime. This is.


Ira Madison III Now.


Louis Virtel Kind of might even be illuminating. Like, oh, that’s era, What?


Ladyfag So this is what he does during the day? Impressive.


Louis Virtel We’re in the throes of Pride month. Is this, like, both the best and worst time of your year? Like, are you like, oh, God, I’m at wit’s end. These queens are keeping me up and out, and I hate them.


Ladyfag Yeah. It’s very. It’s my party. And I’ll cry if I want to. Over here.


Louis Virtel Lesley Gore is always in vogue for pride month. Yes.


Ladyfag You know. Yeah. I mean, honestly, people are like, oh, are you having fun? I’m like, do I really ever have fun? I’m just glad everyone else is having fun. But, happy pride. So yes, I do love saying that over and over. But, you know, it’s kind of like the weekend. Everyone’s like, oh, it’s the weekend. I’m like, that’s when I work. So for me, it’s a bit opposite. Yes, of course I love it. But this is the stressful month for me, so.


Louis Virtel Well, congrats on looking extremely upright and afloat and willing to take I like I literally stayed up late last weekend and I feel like a fucking corpse, so I don’t understand how you do it.


Ladyfag Oh, you look fine. Oh that’s good. I would not be on video if it was after an event. So there’s like.


Ira Madison III I want to talk about Lady Land. The festival. It’s, it’s so interested because Louis is talking about, like he was up this weekend. His pride just happened in LA. And basically you have to throw a festival now to compete with everything that’s going on for pride. So how did you sort of conceive the idea of, we’re going to throw this thing and it’s going to be major, and we’ve got people like Tinashe coming to perform now.


Ladyfag Honestly, when I started it, there weren’t really all these festivals that happened now. And I kept being like, you know, I’d always want to go to festivals and no one really wanted to go to then it wasn’t really what gays kind of did. You know, unless he was really somebody that you wanted to see, a, you know, strip festival. Or maybe people could go to Coachella, but that would be the extent of it. And I was like, I don’t understand why there’s not, like, cool queer festivals. Everything was like, you know, very, very. Not a bad thing. It would be circuit. And then there’d be like a gay pop star. That was basically the M.O. for, you know, all of gay big pride events. And I was like, it’s so strange. Like, why don’t we have our own Coachella? So I just decided to try to do one, and I didn’t think there was anything weird about it until someone did an interview for the first one and they were like, you know, it was like an industry, interview. And they were like, okay, well, how did you get even? Who do you work with? Are you working with Live Nation? What agency are you from? Like where did you, you know, where’s where’s your festival and your concert experience? And I was like, I don’t have any.


Louis Virtel Like.


Ladyfag People who are you working with? I’m like, oh, me? And this one other person. We’re in our kitchen right now and they’re like, well, who’s funding this? And like, I have some credit card. Like, I literally didn’t understand that it was a big deal. And they were like, well, how did you get Eve? And I was like, she’s a friend of mine. And they were like, okay. And they were so confused and so was I. And then once we pulled it off, I was like, Holy shit, actually, how did I pull that off? And maybe, you know, I guess it’s that thing. Maybe if I would have thought about it more, I would have been too scared to do it. So thank God I didn’t. And I just went ahead and tried doing it the first year. And, you know, obviously it’s grown since then, but yeah, there wasn’t really anything kind of like that at the time. So we did it where there is a hole, we like to fill it though. That is one of our motto is.


Louis Virtel Oh, it must be Pride Month. Yes. Okay. Very good. No, honey.


Ladyfag That is all year round.


Louis Virtel That is an.


Ladyfag Affirmative.


Louis Virtel You gave an interview, somewhat recently where you talked about how throwing a party is just solving a series of problems, and at the end, you throw a party. Now, that sounds like hell on earth to me, but can you. Yeah. Can you elucidate and talk about just a general string of problems you will encounter while putting together just an occasion for queer people to be together?


Ladyfag I mean, everything is a problem. But. You know, if you’re not dealing with diva issues and that would come from your artists or it comes from your guests, or it comes from the authorities, and there are so many levels of authorities that you don’t realize exist. In trying to please, when you’re doing things, you know, not that we try to please everyone because that’s utterly impossible. I’ve learned. But, we do try to please people. And so it’s, you know, I mean, there’s there’s always something, I mean, you hear, you actually hear, I don’t know if you can hear, but there’s, fire trucks going by. I mean, we’ve had that pull up to our events before. There’s just always something that’s going to go wrong. There’s always, you know, I’ve never had an event be problem free, and you have to basically be at the event and be pretending like everything is going so well when really you’re literally talking to someone going, so nice to see you, and then you’re literally on your, like, headphone on the other side going, Holy shit, can you somebody open the back door, you know, and there’s just always something going wrong. And there’s, you know, and that’s even before you put in all the egos of all the divas that you’re bringing to the stage, there’s always something going wrong. And then you add that in and then you’re really left. So yeah, really we look at events opposite, we don’t look at an event as this is this amazing event. We look at it as a huge problem and we just try to solve a lot of problems so that when you get to the event, you feel that there’s any problems. It’s a facade, it’s smoke and mirrors.


Louis Virtel I also think you’ve described it as tears of divas, like you’re just encountering divas at every single level, coming at you from all directions. It’s like in kill Bill being surrounded by 88 of them at once or whatever.


Ladyfag It really it really is. Because sometimes not to say, you know, we we try to work with primarily gay people, but sometimes you have to work with some straight people. Oh, no. Yeah, sometimes, you know, the fire department or whatnot or the people, you know, getting your permits. They might be straight people. We like them too. But it’s always interesting when you work with them because then you realize, like, how diva ish, of our community can be because you realize, like, how many problems come up and then you’re like, oh, God. And it’s kind of like that thing where you’re embarrassed of your own family. Sometimes you’re like, oh my God, I can’t believe they’re acting this way. And you’re like, you know, like you have a drag queen who’s like, you know, a local drag queen. Come up and, you know, tell the venue I need x, x, x, and you’re like, okay, Whitney Houston, you know what I mean? You’re like, you’re like, these are people who deal with like the biggest, you know, celebrities. And then you’ll get some, like, you know, local drag queen literally thinking she’s Madonna, which is also part of why that local drag queen is probably so fabulous because she believes she’s Madonna and she should. And so we indulge all that kind of behavior because I think it’s kind of fabulous. But at the same time, when you’re working with, you know, people in the event industry who might not be so gay, they sometimes are like, what the hell is going on with these people? So it’s it’s an interesting ride trying to work in the real world. In our little in our little office here of gayness, everything seems pretty normal until we take it out to the real world. So we try not to do that very much.


Ira Madison III Smart. I think about when, you know, a lot of our listeners, too, who are in New York when they’re taking in New York culture, nightlife, you know, you obviously have films like Party Girl or, you know what, 200 Cigarets and things like that. But take us back to when you step foot in New York, the first party your at. What, what was it about the party that made you feel like one? I love going to this shit. And then to where was the point where you were like, I can also throw my own.


Ladyfag Well, I remember this is, this is almost 20 years ago, and I walked into Hero Ballroom on a Sunday night, and in my mind, my mind was blown. I was like, this is a Sunday night. Like, wow. Like, that’s I think I want to stay here. And I remember I didn’t know anybody and I was like, partying all night, just dancing, having the best time. I was sober because I couldn’t even afford a cocktail and no money and just fine. It was fun anyways. And then at the end, the lights came on. I was definitely one of the last people there and I was like, I’m in absorb every moment of this amazingness. And these guys were like, oh! We’re going to act next. Do you want to come with us? You’re fab. And I was like, oh, thanks. What’s that? And I’d never even heard of it. And so I go in a car with like three random strangers and they take me to equity. And Zander is standing at the door, and I was like, I was like, kind of nervous because I could tell people weren’t getting in, and I didn’t know one person. And I was like. I’m talking to him. And I remember I touched his necklace to make this. Please don’t touch the jewelry. He’s like.


Louis Virtel Oh, so.


Ladyfag You look amazing. Come in. And so. So then I go into this basement and there’s like, you know, probably like 500 people in a spaceship that’s 100 with ceilings that felt that like, you know, they might have been like five foot tall. They were so short, you felt like you were crunched underneath them. And it was, you know, it opened my eyes to a whole new world. And I’ve never left that world. So, so, yeah, that’s that’s my life story, basically. That’s not really my story. That was that was one of my night love stories. I guess my night life story was. Do you remember duvet. It was a club that had beds in it. Great concept.


Ira Madison III Yes.


Ladyfag somebody’s got to bring that concept back. It was a great concept. Yeah. I went to this party. Duvet. Same thing. Didn’t know anyone had no money. And, Kenny, Kenny. I remember he came up and gave me a dream ticket. I was like, oh, my God, I can finally have a cocktail. And I was, you know, I had fun that day. And I remember I was dancing on the floor and just doing a crazy floor show, and he came up to me and he was like, yeah, come here. He’s like, you know, what’s your name? And he was like, do you want to dance for me at Happy Valley? And at the time, Happy Valley was like the big club. And, Kim audience used to be the the girl in the Go-Go cage and like, wow, she was so major. And I was like, I can’t believe I’m going to be allowed to do this. And I remember I, like stood up and I was like, so in shock. And I overheard him going to I think actually it was Michael Musto. She’s like some kind of Amazon. And then he twirled his progress and he’s like but I think I like it. And then they stuck me in a cage way up in the sky. And I go go danced. And then I came out and he was like you’ve got the job. And then that was it. And so I started go go dancing every Tuesday night for Kenny, Kenny and Suzanne for 100 bucks. And that was it. So and I still I remember every week I would like, take the subway because I couldn’t afford to take a car both ways home, and I’d wear this trenchcoat over my bathing suit so that I wouldn’t get attacked on the way to the club. So, you know, we all start somewhere. And that’s where I started.


Louis Virtel Flasher attire, I love it.


Ladyfag Basically, it was a different flasher attire. You know.


Louis Virtel As somebody who’s done this now, as you said, for like 20 years, what do you find that from kind of like the old world of New York partying people are still trying to incorporate into new parties and how, and opposing how are parties today better than they were 20 years ago?


Ladyfag Everything always just changes and constantly in flux as it should be. I mean, you know, I definitely. Absolutely hate. Not that that’s what you asked me. The whole conversations. If anything, you asked the opposite. Why was it better before late? I think nostalgia could be so dangerous. You know, where people live in the past. Things are whatever they are at the moment. You only look at things when you look at them from from back there. And not that I don’t, you know, always had visions of, you know, seeing Grace Jones appear in the middle of the night, in the middle of a rave somewhere that I paid $5 to get into. Sure. That’s that’s a great fantasy that doesn’t fully exist right now. But we have our moments like that, too. So I think, you know, I think things always change and they always rise to the occasion. And like right now, I think nightlife is incredible. You know, it does have its little ups and downs, you know. But I think post-pandemic, if we want to talk about the present post-pandemic, I feel like New York City is so alive again. And there’s just really it’s a matter of deciding what you want to do on any given night. And that’s what’s, you know, so incredible about living in New York City.


Ira Madison III You know? Yeah, I’ve noticed a lot of the same two, you know, being back in the city post-pandemic, whenever someone comes to visit you, there’s always something going on. And I have to wonder, with so many parties going on, how do you feel like people even figure out, like, what are the ones you should be going to wear past the days of passing out fliers to people? But also, should we bring that back? Because it’s fun when you see a flier on Instagram, but people scroll right past that, you know? And is that different from being handed one? The way that people used to?


Ladyfag Well, maybe I’m gonna age myself as granny over here, but I still we fliers as well. Like the only people that still do that. But I love a postcard. I love going to the cloud and getting a postcard. And, you know, having being people, people being able to grab them and, like, you know, sometimes I see people Instagram them. They use them as bookmarks. And I’ll take it, you know, but I think that’s great because I’m years later, you have something you can hold in your hands and be like, oh, I remember when I, like, gave a blowjob in the bathroom at this party. And then you can show the kids the postcard that it just adds to the realness of the event. And it’s not just some online memory, you know. So I don’t know, I think there’s, you know, like we said, everything changes, right? So back then when then there were 10 million postcards going around. How did you differentiate, you know, postcard to postcard. Now how do you make your event stand out amongst all the different things that people see on Instagram? And I think I think booking good artists is your first step. You know, if you actually have the talent and then you’ve you people kind of trust that if I put my name on it, there are at least going to have you might not like it. You might not. Everyone likes every deejay I’ve ever booked, and not everyone likes every artist I’ve ever, ever booked. But there’s definitely a lot of thought. Put into them. So. In theory, I’d like to think that people come to these events because they are guaranteed a certain caliber of artist. You know, no offense to iPod deejays. I’m just saying, you know, it’s.


Louis Virtel Like we.


Ladyfag Are very proud of the artists that we put at our clubs and at our festivals that we work on. So.


Ira Madison III Yeah, well, if they’re playing off an iPod now, maybe that’s a little vintage, you know, and I’m just maybe giving you a throwback.


Ladyfag Well, I just I just a second time I revealed myself to be Grammy. I mean, sometimes I’d like to wear my Walkman is.


Louis Virtel Your talk, boy. Let’s say somebody put a curse on you where they said you have to continue doing your job, but you can’t do it in New York ever again. Like, if you couldn’t do New York nightlife, where would the nightlife be stimulating enough for you to work?


Ladyfag I mean, I do love, I love I mean, London has amazing nightlife. I spent my wife’s English, so, you know, we were in the East End of London, so it’s like, Hackney Wick has some of the best nightlife you can hope for outside of Brooklyn. Of course. Not that it’s a competition. So, I love London, and I. I mean, it’s a totally different experience, but I do love that pizza. I do love a summer in Ibiza. It’s. You know. Being outdoors and dancing outdoors. There’s something, you know, magical about that. And, you know, New York has that. It’s just a lot sweatier and smells a lot more of garbage. Still magic, but a lot stinkier.


Louis Virtel So I think it’s.


Ladyfag A little different with the ocean breeze. I’m going to say when you’re, you know, not that I would say you’re rolling on a pillow, but if you were in a hotel, I’d like to do it outside with an ocean breeze and a palm tree and not a bunch of garbage. So. But I like both. Both are great.


Ira Madison III You even mentioning a moment where, you know, like, we don’t have you say we don’t have these anymore, you know, like the like a Grace Jones appearing in the club where you paid $5 to get in. But what I love about a club now is, you know, you can purchase who was booked before for Lady Land, but had to pull out like, you know, like I remember when she was first, coming up, like in LA when Lewis and I were there and, you know, we’d see her at we’d see her at some club that we didn’t even pay to get into. You just like, why is Kim Petras on a stage singing, you know?


Louis Virtel No, she’d be performing at Sweetgreen. I mean, it made no sense. She’d be everywhere.


Ladyfag Yeah, we still have that, though. We still do. I shouldn’t have said it in that way, because we still have those moments. I don’t know, were you there when when Cardi B came and performed at Holy Mountain?


Ira Madison III Oh my God, yes.


Ladyfag That that was supposed to be a surprise. And then she decided to I all of a sudden the club calls me at like 6:00. They’re like, lady, there’s a line around the block of all these people, what’s going on? And I was like, oh shit. I looked on our Instagram and she was really excited. And so she posted it so that we’re right there. thanks, Cardi. But you know, we’ve had lots of moments like that where we do surprise guests and like, you know, suddenly everyone. Freaks out because that’s part of the fun. I think people, you know, artists want to connect to their audience, and they definitely want to connect to their gay audience because we’re the best audience. And so, you know, they love to create moments like that in stunts. So we still have, you know, lots of those exciting little moments have happened. Ladyland and, you know, a lot of my, my party’s that that is happening a lot of other people.


Ira Madison III What would you say is one of your favorite memories of, you know, sort of like a just fun, either a fun celebrity barber or just a fun moment at the party where you were like, you’re always going to be remembering that moment until you die. Like, that was just a moment where you’re like, we couldn’t stop talking about it when we left the club.


Ladyfag I mean, there’s so many of those. Of course, you don’t realize it while you’re doing it. Like we were talking about the hindsight, how things can become so special. So, for example, like, you know, SoFi performed, Ladyland Festival. Yeah. And, you know, even then you realized it was a moment because she was just that her album came out a few days before, and there was all of a sudden you realize that she’s a star, and, you know, of course, now she died, fairly recently. And so you look back on that and you’re like, I was there. I was part of this moment. I saw her, I got to experience that. So I think, you know, not taking any of these moments, for granted when you see these performers is like pretty amazing. I mean, even Kentucky, as we’re talking about, you know, I don’t know if you’re at the First Lady Lion and she performed there and, you know, it started to rain and I was like, festival. And I’m like, or was it maybe it was a no, it was the first one, literally the first one. And I was like, oh shit, what do we do? What happens, you know? We were just like, well. And then all of a sudden it just started pouring rain and I’m like, okay, this is over. And I thought everyone was just going to run away. And instead she started doing, you know, you can’t do better and put the mic out and everyone’s soaking wet and covered in rain. And it just was like a moment. And you knew she was going to be a star then. And everybody, you know, as much as you were soaking wet and you think that all the gays would be complaining, it was the opposite. It was magic. And everybody knew that it was magic. And then, of course, the equipment all went crazy after because of the rain. And then I had to basically get on the mic and do stand up comedy for like half an hour. And I’m not a comedian, obviously. So I was like, I do like delayed until they fixed all the equipment. So that’s quite a fun night for everybody. Hearing me completely wasted on a microphone for half an hour. But yeah, I mean, those were moments. If you were there, you were there. Which is also part of what keeps it so exciting, not just for me, but for everyone, because, you know, there’s a lot of talk always about like. Why do you need to go out and people go out less? Which is sometimes true because you can see it online. You don’t need to connect with people all the time. You know, you could just look on your phone if you wanted to see what you know. Person X is up to the same time if you weren’t there, you’re going to miss these moments. And like you, you know, if you’re there, you know what those moments feel like. And it’s that’s collective joy when you’re feeling it with other people. And that’s when you have FOMO. So it’s I think that’s what keeps, you know, nightlife and just the music industry in general, so exciting and entertainment industries because there’s absolutely no way to replicate it. As we learned during the pandemic online, there’s just no way you have to be there to really experience it.


Louis Virtel And I will definitely be there for New York Pride. I cannot wait to experience your amazing parties. I truly, I mean, like you basically are why FOMO exists when I see these parties online. Like they’re so explosive, so huge and you’re like, and here I am, you know, reading my Trivial Pursuit cards by myself, which, by the way, is very technical, but it’s not part of the collective joy you’re experiencing. Thank you so much for being here. Thank you guys. And, if you haven’t been to a lady party, I mean, book a ticket. Let’s get going.


Ladyfag So thank you. Happy pride.


Ira Madison III Happy pride. And I need our holy mountain back soon.


Ladyfag Yeah. It’s time in the fall.


Ira Madison III You heard that? Okay.


Louis Virtel Oh. TikTok. Yeah. All right. Yes!


Ladyfag All right. Bye, guys.


Ira Madison III [AD]


Ira Madison III We’re officially in summer blockbuster season, but the only people who seem to care are PR reps and whoever that Garfield movie was for.


Louis Virtel May Louis, perhaps. Go ahead. Yes.


Ira Madison III Did you go see it?


Louis Virtel I didn’t, but let me tell you something. All around L.A., you may be familiar with these little delivery robots. I don’t think they’re in every city, but like, L.A. specifically has these delivery robots that are going up and down every sidewalk. And at the moment, they’re all fucking Garfield themed, and there is just something extra. My least favorite word dystopian about that. Like Garfield just patrolling around the city with, like, blinking robot eyes. Very strange. There’s also billboards that have moving Garfield eyes. You know what? I just want to stick up for Garfield, though. In this way. This is a property from the late 70s that is mainly for children, that somehow has paws, if you will, and survives to this day. It’s not different from Star Wars. You know what I mean? It’s just like lingers. For some reason, we keep finding a new. It’s like there’s got to be an animated animal of some kind. May as well be the one with some, you know, recognizable attributes. And I will say, when you’re trying to be like a little comedian kid, Garfield is helpful for teaching. You like how to be sardonic, how to look to the side and say like a funny thing. There is something a bit instructive before you get to be a gay teenager who watches Daria. I’m assuming all children act like the way I did. Okay.


Ira Madison III Well, listen, there’s a big difference between the cartoon Garfield that you would get and the funny pages. The animated version of Garfield that we grew up with and whatever the fuck this Chris Pratt.


Louis Virtel Rights.


Ira Madison III Monster is, you know, just seems like it’s very anti what Garfield was in the first place. All of these major big animated things like that. Whereas let’s stick a star in it. It’s no one cares about that shit. I really still am always confused by throwing big celebrities in movies like that because you can’t see them, and most of the time their voices aren’t even a draw to come and see the movie. You know that look, they’re not really doing character acting.


Louis Virtel No. Right? They’re kind of hired to be themselves. So it’s you’re not really getting the essence of the character you came to see. That said, again, people only I think have like now have a visual memory of Garfield and don’t know the animated thing we grew up with, who voiced by the amazing Lorenzo Music alum of the show, Rhoda, who played the unseen doorman Carlton. But anyway, I’m not saying I’ll see this movie. Apparently it was the worst Memorial Day weekend since 1995, when Get Ready Casper debuted to $22.5 million. Now, notable thing about that movie. It fucking sucked. So that much is.


Ira Madison III Coming out as a Casper hater.


Louis Virtel Oh my God, it’s so grim. Like they tried to put like a real origin story behind Casper, and it’s about a dead kid or something. Jesus fucking Christ. Who pitched that? And I, by the way, Christina Ricci is the first actress I was ever obsessed with at the age of eight. Oh, you’re talking about sardonic people like Garfield and Daria. Wednesday Addams is like the the third, coordinate in that Bermuda Triangle bigotry.


Ira Madison III I think it’s romantic and gothic.


Louis Virtel I think it’s a cute movie. Oh, God. I absolutely did not see it in the theater. I saw it the same weekend. Batman forever. I was actually gay. Motherfucker. Okay, sugar and spice, bitch.


Ira Madison III I obviously saw Batman Forever. I think I first saw Casper on, home video.


Louis Virtel Right. So that struck me as a big home video movie. But, yeah, it is interesting about Furiosa that it just not much of a draw. Also, Anya Taylor-Joy is this person who is very famous and respected. We look Queen’s Gambit, obviously, but in terms of her movies, she actually has had a couple of stumbles recently. You know, she was in Amsterdam. She’s in that fucking awful last Night in Soho movie or whatever. She’s sort of waiting to come into her own as a movie star. I wonder if that was something that factored in here. But at the same time, the original mad Max was not exactly like a glorious box office moment either. You know, it was something that critically took over, and obviously had a lot of presence at the Academy Awards. It was nominated for Best Picture, but I don’t know that it was a slam dunk moment, you know, especially something to spend $160 million on or however much this movie cost.


Ira Madison III Yeah, I mean, I love Fury Road, and I will make a confession that it took me almost a decade to see that movie. I do not know how, but when I finally watched it, I was floored by it, and I watched it twice in one day. Actually, I went home from my friend’s place where we first watched it, and then I watched it again. So I have not seen Furiosa yet because I watched, you know, Fury Road the weekend that Furiosa came out. But I do have plans to see Furiosa. I love Anya Taylor-Joy. And I would love to see the prequel, but I don’t know. Yeah, there is just something about her to where she is. This. She’s so fashionable, it’s sort of a Zen day away. I would say that she and Zendaya and Hunter Schafer are currently like the three women I always want to see on a carpet, right? Like I always want to see them in a photo. But only Zendaya is the one who has recently, sort of translated that into a film you really want to see with challengers. And even then, is she the biggest draw of the film? No, but what? She’s not the biggest focal point, right? Right. I say that she was one of the big draws of the film, obviously, and that film became more of a grower, you know, like, I felt like everyone kept talking about challenges. I’m still talking to friends who were like, I saw challenges last night. You know, I think it’s become a word of mouth hit. But, there’s not really a lot of star vehicles for people at the moment, you know?


Louis Virtel Right. It’s not really how things work anymore. It feels like, in a way, like whatever new limited series catches on, you don’t even remember who the stars are, really. Or it’s like, not germane. Just people. Like, I still can’t name the actors in Baby Reindeer, you know what I mean? Who are were fabulous, you know, and I’m sure we’ll see them at the Emmys. But, you know, I.


Ira Madison III Think it was Donner and, Blitzen, and Vixen. Rudolph wasn’t in it, though.


Louis Virtel They did.


Ira Madison III Invite Rudolph to play their baby game.


Louis Virtel Was the, right. They did meet his quota. Either he wasn’t going to show up. But, I think also maybe the word of mouth on this movie is it just doesn’t quite compare to how top notch mad Max Fury Road was or and then in in certain ways it’s also too similar. And then also she shows up way too fucking late in this movie. And the movie is called Furiosa. What the hell is that about?


Ira Madison III Hmhm. Let me tell you something. I saw the fall guy finally, and the first thing he does in that movie is fall.


Louis Virtel That right now I know I’m in the right theater. You know what I’m saying? Yeah. Orient me also.


Ira Madison III Also, with all this talk about we need to go save the cinema. There has been a lot of breathless takes online about how The Fall Guy is a perfect summer blockbuster, and we all needed to go see it, and it needed to be in theaters longer than 17 days before going to streaming. I do agree with the last part. I think that movie should be in theaters for much longer before they go to streaming. It gives it sort of a, idea that if you don’t go see it in the theaters, you can’t be part of the conversation. Thing. But with the fall guy, there’s no conversation to be had.


Louis Virtel You hated this film.


Ira Madison III The movie is not good.


Louis Virtel Right.


Ira Madison III It’s not good. I didn’t like it. I what’s interesting about it is that it has so many elements of a good movie. I think it’s fun. I think obviously Ryan Gosling and Emily Blunt are stars, and, it’s fun to just watch them in A Goofy Movie that really has nothing else going on, because the twists, in the in the mystery of it were sort of obvious, and wrote, to be honest. And the romance I thought was a bit sort of. I didn’t really believe it. It’s a story where it’s like there’s scenes where he is in the middle of a fight scene, and he’s on the phone having like a romantic, sort of. Emotional moment with Emily Blunt, and it’s just goofy with the juxtaposition of it. And I’m like, maybe this would work in a in like Chuck. Yeah, you know, that that TV show. But it didn’t really work on the big screen for me. I didn’t really buy any of the emotional moments, and I just feel like, I don’t know, it felt very. Not a serious movie. I can’t believe that people were so seriously talking about this movie. As if it is the best thing they’ve seen all year.


Louis Virtel Also, you’ve now brought up the show. Remember when Zachary Levi seemed like maybe a normal person you might want to meet at some point, and then he just fell the fuck out? He’s like a vaccine loser. What the hell? So bizarre. Also, by the way, another movie in this vein, hitman, came out. Which, first of all, I did not know. Glen Powell co-wrote Justin Throw vibes. I didn’t know we were doing that. What’s going on here?


Ira Madison III Okay. A hot writer.


Louis Virtel But also, that fucking sucked too. I like that thought. It was an incomprehensibly bad movie. It didn’t get it at all. And it looked like something you really wanted to see in a theater. To like something that would bring you there. But, I think everyone’s just kind of, I don’t know, low key flopping, as it were. Where are where is the excitement right now? I’m waiting for prestige season to come back. That’s my reason to go to a theater, obviously, but I don’t see anything in the immediate future, blockbuster wise, enticing me.


Ira Madison III Right? I feel like the holdovers, you know, did well too. And that was prestige. And that was like an interesting movie that people wanted to like, we’re talking about. Right. And I think that we’re sort of in this point in movies where. We don’t want to see endless sequels or franchise movies. You know, that’s what sort of Marvel head is sort of like the rich glut. Yeah, a certain point. And you want to go and see something that feels different than what we’ve seen before. You know, I feel like I don’t know how exactly World Challenges has been doing, but it has it layers. And people are talking about this movie constantly and at least has buzz because it it felt like a fun new adult movie for us all to go and see. You know, like it’s giving people something to talk about. No one’s really talking about the fall guy except for movie critics online.


Louis Virtel Right? Yeah. Also, I’d want to say that Emily Blunt character, and that was very I would say juvenile in that movie. And it makes no sense. That doesn’t gel with who her character is. I was.


Ira Madison III That’s maybe why I also didn’t really buy the romance. Like, it’s it seemed like she’d just woken up from a coma, like she was Aurora. That’s how Sleeping Beauty probably was to to talk to when she woke up.


Louis Virtel This will be the next installment in our Disney Adult look back. Before we’re put to sleep by Aurora herself.


Ira Madison III You know who’s good in that film, though? Aaron Taylor-Johnson. How is he? Not a bigger star?


Louis Virtel That that is a very kind of complex question, because when he does an interview, I am all ears. And also sweating. Sweating because, Wolf, how he doing.


Ira Madison III That when he takes a photo.


Louis Virtel Right. Help me.


Ira Madison III Yeah.


Louis Virtel And then, I was watching that Amy movie that his wife directed, and I was like, was he on the set? Can we sneak them into a couple frames?


Ira Madison III I think she keeps him locked up in a tower like Princess Peach.


Louis Virtel Yeah. Yeah, that’s a smart move. Smart move. Golden globe winner for Nocturnal Animals. Yes.


Ira Madison III You know, I will never forget that, right? And it’s funny because I feel like when that happened, I was like, what the fuck? But now I’m like, it’s weird that nothing sort of was capitalized off of that.


Louis Virtel Yes. Right. No, he sort of just starred. Maybe he has the two many last names. Is what’s doing a man? I have no idea.


Ira Madison III Yeah. Aaron Johnson is who’s or Aaron TJ at TJ.


Louis Virtel Oh there we go. Like Andrew W.K. about Andrew TJ.


Ira Madison III Yeah yeah. I don’t know. He was he I really loved his sort of like my friend described it as him doing a Matthew McConaughey impersonation. Yes. Especially towards the end. I just thought the twist in the movie was whatever, but he leaned into the twist in the comedy of the film so well that he was my favorite fucking part of that movie.


Louis Virtel By the way, speaking of movie stars, why don’t we get more of Matthew McConaughey? Not that I crave him, but that’s sort of the, like, pinnacle box office person that seems to be dependable, whom we’re missing right now.


Ira Madison III Yeah. I mean, wasn’t he doing his whole, maybe running for office thing?


Louis Virtel Oh, God. Christ. Cause he’s sort of the rock coated, right? He’s almost like the intellectual, the rock, which is. I’m sorry, sad to say, but. Yeah, I just have questions about where he is.


Ira Madison III Yeah, well, I mean, let me look at his filmography and see what Matthew McConaughey has been up to. Yeah. So really nothing. I feel like he’s. I feel like he’s sort of gotten to this period where he was. I want to make films like Dallas Buyers Club.


Louis Virtel He just walked up and took an Oscar. He was like, you know what? The year is 2013. I’m so bored. What if, you know, I revolutionized Aids or whatever he does in that movie?


Ira Madison III Yeah. He has a crime thriller coming out supposedly soon. And also this film, The Lost Bus, which is a Paul Greengrass film. But I don’t know, I just miss when we would get, like a magic Mike from him, a Lincoln lawyer. He was great. And fucking Wolf of Wall Street.


Louis Virtel Oh yeah, probably my favorite scene, actually. Actually, everybody was getting off of Wall Street. I don’t know why I say that begrudgingly. It was a good movie.


Ira Madison III I think I think The Wolf of Wall Street is sort of a it’s Goodfellas lite in the sense that it is a really good movie, but you’re just sick of the people who would call it their favorite movie. Right?


Louis Virtel Right. And all their favorite movies are exactly like that. And it’s like, so you just have a type of movie you like. It has nothing to do with general appreciation of cinema. I could get into this some other day. Anyway. Yeah. Before we go, though, I just want to say, have I talked about Garfield’s on and off again girlfriend Arlene on the show?


Ira Madison III You have. Okay, continue.


Louis Virtel I continue to be perplexed by this cat with giant red lips. Horace Mascara. She’s lavender, like no cat ever is. She basically is like a sex toy, except she also acts the part of a cat. And then she also does the Garfield thing of lowering her eyelids and looking at us. Anyway, it’s. I find it sexually confusing, and I don’t know why Jim Davis got all up in that.


Ira Madison III She’s got a long neck. Okay. And that’s always good, for one thing.


Louis Virtel Okay.


Ira Madison III Sliding it. A lot of lasagna.


Louis Virtel Yeah. If you. Yeah. Some layers. Yeah, yeah. Not that feta cheese.


Ira Madison III Oh. She does. Wow. I hadn’t really looked at her in a minute.


Louis Virtel It’s very miss Pac-Man. Red lips. She looks like a madam. You open the door at the Mustang Ranch, and she has, like, a cigaret hanging out in her mouth, and she says, well.


Ira Madison III I’d watch that film.


Louis Virtel Right.


Ira Madison III Where’s the Garfield universe, actually? Because where’s the thing about John and what’s going on with Nermal?


Louis Virtel Right? No. Well, Nermal is still in Abu Dhabi. I think he has a successful gay life there. He’s like. He’s like a bury director. There were a series of Garfield specials in the 80s, like Garfield on the town where he, like, runs away and gets into, like, urban shenanigans. Anyway, they tried to make him loose and crazy for a while. So just to let you know that that is out there.


Ira Madison III Yeah. All right, well, when we’re back, keep it up. And we are back with our favorite segment of the episode. Keep it. Louis, what are you angry about this week?


Louis Virtel Mine is some traditional stand up rancor.


Ira Madison III Okay. Jerry Seinfeld, be a real man. Be a man.


Louis Virtel Oh, my God, I’m sorry. Is that my. Keep it. I don’t know, man. It’s something he’s concerned with. So weird. Does anybody seem more rich and less joyous than Jerry Seinfeld? It really is a shocking juxtaposition. Anyway, moving on.


Ira Madison III I will just say it’s funny to hear anyone like Jerry Seinfeld say, where are the real men? Because you rewatch Seinfeld? Aren’t most of the jokes about how he’s basically fagot coded?


Louis Virtel Yeah, right. And yeah, he’s like wimpy and like, nauseous and yeah, sick of everything, right? Yeah. Not giving virility, shall we say? Okay. No, it’s traditional stand up in that. If I had to take a stage in 2024 and rant about something for three minutes, I think this would be what I’d rant about. Guys, keep it to cybertruck’s. I’m sorry one. Let’s just talk about the look of them. There’s a very famous tweet going around talking about how the look of a Cybertruck, the Tesla strange metallic looking vehicle, looks like it fell out of a Nintendo 64 Golden Eye instruction booklet, first of all. But secondly, to me, it looks like somebody’s running out of time and Pictionary trying to draw a car just like three lines with like, circle wheels, and then you guys car, and then you move on to the next card. But also to me in person when you’re driving in L.A., the thing that is disturbing about them is the scale of them is so strange. You constantly feel like you’re going to get in a car accident because it’s like close to one side of the road or the other, based on where it is in the lane you don’t want to be around. If if all cars were that size, I think they would be less problematic. But as such, it’s like you’re driving around a parade float constantly. And during this, you know, pride month. I already am, sick of parade floats, you know? I mean, they take up the road and they’re strange.


Ira Madison III But. Yeah, I like the Batman ness of them all.


Louis Virtel Sure, there’s a light Delorean quality, but at the same time, it feels like it’s a kind of macho fantasy vehicle in that way, too. It like, taps into sort of these cinematic ideas of big muscle cars, but also just doing the work of being a penis shaped muscle car like we respect. I’m always down for a Corvette.


Ira Madison III I love a Corvette. I mean, I love it. Wait, what’s the car in Christine?


Louis Virtel Oh, the Plymouth Fury.


Ira Madison III Yeah, the Plymouth Fury. Yes, I knew that once because I there was a period where I was writing Plymouth Fury into scripts all the time.


Louis Virtel What were you. Payola.


Ira Madison III Just imagining that they were Christine.


Louis Virtel Yeah. Okay. Sure.


Ira Madison III Yeah. A vintage Plymouth Fury. Let’s bring that movie back. I know we just talked about. You know, reboots and everything, but I think a Christian TV series would be fun.


Louis Virtel I actually thought, Jodie Foster had a really cool quote about limited series, which is she watched killers of the Flower Moon. She said, this really should have been an eight hour limited series where you actually got into the perspectives of all the characters that the movie sort of skims over, like it could have been way more kind of journalistic and getting into everybody’s head, but instead you sort of got this hodgepodge of perspectives where many weren’t fleshed out.


Ira Madison III Come on, Jodie.


Louis Virtel I know, but she was talking about that night country show she was on, which was not good. So sorry.


Ira Madison III Honestly, we should have got that, though, because what Scorsese would do with eight hours.


Louis Virtel Oh, please. You’ll throw in, like, at least an hour and a half tribute to Bob Dylan. Girl will fill the pages.


Ira Madison III Yeah. Ma Rainey’s Black Bottom, from Martin Scorsese. Somehow, Bob Dylan inspired Ma Rainey.


Louis Virtel Oh, that. That’s just the beginning. He also performed alongside the band at The Last Waltz. Right.


Ira Madison III How is he? He’s not the one directing the Bob Dylan film, is he?


Louis Virtel The Timothy Shelby, Bob Dylan movie. A complete unknown as directed by James Mangold, who did, for example, girl interrupted two movies in the X-Men franchise. Copland.


Ira Madison III Yeah, I love James Mangold. Great writer and director.


Louis Virtel I wrote what is your keep it this week?


Ira Madison III My keep it goes to this tweet that I saw, which was about the fact that James Gunn invented the hatred for Scrappy-Doo by making him the villain in the Scooby-Doo movies. And I have to say, that is categorically false, because people hate it. That little runt. For years.


Louis Virtel All I fucking do is hate this bastard. I hate Scrappy-Doo and have hated him in every iteration. Going back to because he goes back to, if not the original Scooby Doo, the second version. 79. Yeah, in the 70s. And he was certainly in 13 Ghosts of Scooby Doo, where unfortunately, he was not one of the ghosts murdered on air.


Ira Madison III So what’s interesting about the Scooby Doo sort of, mythos is in 79, the ratings were flagging. And so they had to cousin Oliver the show. And that means to introduce a character that we’ve never heard of before who is related to one of the main characters, which gives the audience sort of an immediate, interest in connection with them.


Louis Virtel I was going to say quickly, you just brought up Cousin Oliver, which is a Brady Bunch reference. I would say a very famous instance of this is Raven Simon on The Cosby Show. Like, where it’s just like, oh, a whole new energy. And she’s kind of a cute new personality. Yes. Anyway. Go ahead.


Ira Madison III Yeah, and that was Scrappy-Doo on Scooby. He was the younger one. He would sort of pick them up and run into danger instead of being afraid of the ghost like Scooby was. And allegedly, he was popular at first, which, of course, the show was for kids. Right? But I think that grown adults, like, who were watching the show at that point, who had grew up with Scooby Doo. And also, you have to remember at this point, cartoons, a big audience for cartoons, especially in the 70s, 80s, up to when we were in college, to be honest, were like adult college students or high schoolers, you know, like, we watched that shit all the time, too, and especially in college, like, I would watch Scooby Doo when I was high and Scrappy-Doo was just annoying. And he’s always been annoying.


Louis Virtel The definitive annoying cartoon character. I mean, like, beyond even someone like Jar Jar Binks, I’m just. First of all, he has one catchphrase. That’s not funny though. Let me atom puppy power. Yeah. Then puppy power, and then puppy power. That was so I could just feel my endorphins leak. Threw me under the chair. There’s just not none of me left. Right. And then it’s, like, a lot. It’s really loud. And also on those shows, those were the cartoons that would have an added laugh track. So you were supposed to find him amusing? According to the laugh track. And it’s like I’m now alienated from this show because obviously it’s not funny and you’re trying to hammer home that he’s funny, you know? Oh my God, he’s unbelievable. I hate his look. I hate the look in his eye. I hate his height. I sound like 70 talking about like I’m like, I hate the terrain. I hate the vegetation of it.


Ira Madison III So I will say, I did love the 13 Ghosts of Scooby Doo, and it only had 13 episodes, which was disappointing. No?


Louis Virtel By the way, Vincent Price, if he would take a check doing anything in the 80s, he’s like, sure, put me in a booth. I’ll start talking to Scrappy-Doo. I don’t give a fuck. I’m a million years old.


Ira Madison III The weird part of the Scooby Doo franchise is that when you’re our age, you have to sort of be like me and Lewis, who love trivia when like, sort of like researching the histories of the media that we consume because otherwise Scooby Doo is just thrown on in syndication. And when you’re watching it, sometimes you’ll watch an episode of Where Are You, Scooby Doo? And then sometimes it’ll be 13 gross. And it’s like, where did Fred and Velma go?


Louis Virtel No. Right. Yes. And like, the characters that drop out and come back in are very mysterious like that. They would keep Daphne, not the other two. Like, Daphne doesn’t even really have a personality. That makes no sense, pretty girl. And I relate that she’s always cocked onto one hip, which is how I prefer to stand.


Ira Madison III But I feel like by the time you got to 85, when you were trying to make the show cool, right? You have Scrappy-Doo. For the younger viewers, you have Daphne, because she should have the bombshell. You didn’t have Shaggy, because, you know, he’s the stoner and people love laughing at him. And you sort of get rid of the dude with the Ascot, the legacy on there with the Ascot and get rid of Velma because she’s just like a nerd.


Louis Virtel Yeah, I guess, but then they replace them with flimflam, which I would love to hear that meeting and put those people on the fucking hag. Yeah. And then didn’t, wouldn’t it?


Ira Madison III Dumb dumb. Show up.


Louis Virtel Now. See, you’re getting into Laura. I can’t even begin to discuss.


Ira Madison III Hahaha. He was the stupid. It’s Scooby Doo relative. A lot going on in Hanna-Barbera cartoons, by the way. I feel like that’s a whole episode in and of itself and a whole investigative documentary that I would love to watch, but Hanna-Barbera, like Flintstones and Wacky Races and just watch those jabber. Just like, who is this character? No. Where the fuck did they come from?


Louis Virtel And they also all kind of seem like offshoots of the same character, because almost all of these people were voiced by like five people altogether. Don Messick, who did Scooby Doo. Yeah, right.


Ira Madison III Jeffrey Jar with Scooby Doo jabber jaw if you don’t know it. He was a shark who played music. They were in a band.


Louis Virtel Yes. And he also was annoying. That was his whole thing, like.


Ira Madison III That was a good theme song about jab, jab, jab, jab, jab or jaw, right?


Louis Virtel Oh, yeah. Please. Could booby the camel enjoy. Yeah, yeah.


Ira Madison III But that was basically a mix between Scooby Doo where they were solving mysteries and then also Josie and the Pussycats.


Louis Virtel Now that’s where we peaked. Now that’s where it got really good. Yes. Valerie. The dignity she brought to that band. You know, Alexandra always threatening shit with her like petty grievances. But Valerie would keep it, you know? Rad.


Ira Madison III I think what I just always forget about those shows is when you look back at them because they re-air them in syndication all the time, you assume that they were longer than they were. Like, you look back at a show and it’s like it had 18 episodes.


Louis Virtel Oh right. No no, no, no, that those would just go away and then yet exist forever. You know, we just keep watching those fucking shows. And of course the Josie and the Pussycats movie is good too. But anyway.


Ira Madison III Yeah, we need a job. A job movie to make you love him.


Louis Virtel Oh, God. It’s going to take more than that. I’m going to need. I’m going to. First of all, you’re going to have to chloroform me to get me to watch the movie, second of all.


Ira Madison III And then you will be, then you’ll be terrorized by jabber jaw billboards in LA.


Louis Virtel Oh, God. When Jabber jaw gets on the robots delivering food on the street, I’ll know. I’ll know. I have to leave L.A. That’s when it’s time for me to head to Denver.


Ira Madison III All right. That’s our episode this week. Thank you to Ladyfag for joining us. And, happy pride.


Louis Virtel Keep on doing that gay thing you do, listener.


Ira Madison III That gay thing you do is the sequel to that thing you do.


Louis Virtel Oh, I’d love to hear Adam Schlesinger. May he rest in peace. I would love to hear the gay version of that thing you do.


Ira Madison III Jack Antonoff is going to do the music.


Louis Virtel Oh fuck you.


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