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February 18, 2020
Pod Save America
“Fear and Bloomberg in Las Vegas.”

In This Episode

Democrats weigh how to confront Trump’s post-impeachment lawlessness, Mike Bloomberg buys himself and his record a lot of attention, and Bernie Sanders looks for another win in Nevada. Then Jon Ralston of the Nevada Independent talks to Jon F. about the caucus ground game and how he’s preparing to moderate the next Democratic debate.

Show notes

Investigate or Legislate

  • The Atlantic: Bill Barr Must Resign
  • ABC News: More than 1,100 former DOJ officials call on William Barr to resign
  • NYT: Barr Installs Outside Prosecutor to Review Case Against Michael Flynn, Ex-Trump Adviser
  • NYT: How Trump’s Relationship With Barr Got So Complicated
  • Axios: 9 Democratic senators call on Bill Barr to resign over Roger Stone case
  • NYT: Justice Dept. Is Investigating C.I.A. Resistance to Sharing Russia
  • NYT: Democrats Plan to Highlight Health Care and Jobs Over Investigating Trump
  • WSJ: Democrats Weigh Whether to Pursue New Investigations as Election Looms
  • WaPo: Pelosi says Barr ‘deeply damaged the rule of law’ through handling of Stone case
  • Axios: Lindsey Graham won’t ask Bill Barr to testify about Stone sentencing
  • NPR: Attorney General Barr To Testify In House Amid Criticism Over Roger Stone Case


  • NYT: Another Caucus Is Coming. But Nevada Will Look Completely Different.
  • CBS News: How do the Nevada caucuses work?
  • CNN: Here is how early voting works in the Nevada caucuses
  • Politico: ‘A complete disaster’: Fears grow over potential Nevada caucus malfunction
  • WaPo: Campaigns warn of chaos ahead of the Nevada caucuses
  • CNN:  More than 18,000 Democrats turn out for first day of early voting in Nevada
  • PBS News: Long lines and confusion test Nevada’s early caucus vote
  • CNN: Volunteers and campaigns worry about results reporting ahead of Nevada caucuses
  • Politico: Bernie breaks out of the pack
  • Vox: Why there aren’t more polls about the Nevada caucuses
  • Vox: Poll: Bernie Sanders is beating every other candidate in Nevada
  • Las Vegas Review Journal: Sanders holds lead heading into Nevada’s Democratic caucuses, poll finds
  • NYT: Biden, Seeking Revival, Is Counting on at Least Second Place in Nevada
  • Nevada Independent: With wind in his sails, Buttigieg hoping to make electability case to Nevada’s voters of color
  • AP: Biden in Vegas takes on Sanders’ gun votes in fiery speech
  • The Atlantic: Bernie Sanders’s Biggest Test Yet With Latino Voters
  • Politico: Klobuchar: It’s ‘on me’ to build diverse coalition
  • CNN: Have momentum, will travel: Klobuchar looks to keep surge going in
  • NYT: Pete Buttigieg’s Dash for Cash: 10 Fund-Raisers in Two Weeks
  • Politico: Warren on the ropes
  • CNN: Biden campaign redeploying dozens of staffers to Nevada and South Carolina
  • Daily Beast: Nevada Is Do-Or-Die for Elizabeth Warren—‘If She Can Even Make It Here’
  • NYT: Biden Calls on Sanders to Show Accountability for ‘Outrageous’ Online Threats by Followers
  • NYT: The Next Hurdle for Bernie Sanders: Nevada’s Top Union Dislikes ‘Medicare for All’
  • The Nevada Independent: Culinary Union officials face profanity-laced attack after scorecard says Sanders would ‘end’ their healthcare
  • NBC News: Sanders seeks to smooth Nevada union tensions as rivals pounce
  • Politico: Nevada culinary union lays into Sanders supporters after health care backlash
  • CNN: Bloomberg slams Sanders supporters’ aggressive online tactics in new video
  • Reuters: Bernie Sanders to online trolls: Stop ‘ugly personal attacks’
  • PBS News: Sanders disavows attacks on culinary union, saying internet is a ‘strange world’
  • NYT: Bernie Sanders and His Internet Army
  • Daily Beast: Bernie Bros Are Loud, Proud, and Toxic to Sanders’ Campaign

Bloomberg’s Time in the Barrel

  • The Guardian: Michael Bloomberg dogged by more past controversial remarks
  • The Intercept: Bloomberg Apologized for Stop-and-Frisk. Why Won’t He Say Sorry to Muslims for Spying on Them?
  • WaPo: Mike Bloomberg for years has battled women’s allegations of profane, sexist comments
  • NYT: Bloomberg’s Billions: How the Candidate Built an Empire of Influence
  • CNN: Michael Bloomberg said in 2008 that end of ‘redlining’ was to blame for financial crisis
  • The Guardian: Bloomberg is avoiding all scrutiny. It’s time to take a long, hard look at his views
  • NYT: Bloomberg’s Blunt Defense of Stop-and-Frisk Policy Draws Scrutiny
  • Axios: The cost of going after Bloomberg
  • The Hill: Speculation swirls around whether Bloomberg will make Las Vegas debate stage
  • NYT: Past Remarks Are Challenging for Bloomberg, and Fair Game for Rivals
  • NYT: Democrats Look Ahead From Nevada and See a Common Enemy: Bloomberg
  • New York Magazine: As Bloomberg Rises, Democratic Candidates Go On the Attack
  • The Guardian:  Leading Democrats take aim at Bloomberg as Nevada caucuses loom
  • WSJ: Bloomberg Campaign Ad Touts Relationship With Obama, Despite Complicated History
  • The Hill:  Biden sees black support erode to Bloomberg