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September 05, 2019
Pod Save America
“High crimes and weather map misdemeanors.”

In This Episode

The House’s impeachment inquiry ambles on as Trump’s crimes pile up, a North Carolina special election looms, and the Democratic presidential candidates talk about the climate crisis for seven hours on CNN.

Show notes:


  • Politico: Democrats’ messy impeachment push hits critical
  • NYT: Democrats Examining Impeachment Target Trump’s Pardon Offers to Immigration Officials
  • Time: Democrats in the House Are Split on Impeachment. That Could Come to a Head This Fall
  • The Atlantic: The Impeachment Summer That Wasn’t
  • Huffpo: Impeachment Summer Passes By, Without A Breakthrough
  • New Yorker: Another Look at Impeaching Trump, at the End of a Long Summer
  • The Week: The zombie movement to impeach Trump
  • WaPo: The Trailer: What Democratic Congress members are hearing about impeachment
  • Slate: Let’s Compare Donald Trump’ Week to the Impeachment Articles Brought Against Nixon, Clinton, and Johnson
  • Politico: Judiciary panel issues subpoena on Trump’s alleged offer to pardon DHS officials
  • Politico: Schedule for McGahn legal fight adds to pressure on impeachment backers
  • Talking Points Memo: Schedule For McGahn Testimony Battle Puts Impeachment Inquiry In A Time Crunch
  • NYT: In Republican-Leaning Districts, Lawmakers Shy Away From Broaching Impeachment
  • WaPo: House Democrats in Trump districts resist liberal pressure on impeachment
  • Politico: ‘You are helping him’: Vulnerable Democrats grilled on impeachment
  • Politico: Swing-district Dems face blowback from progressive
  • Bloomberg: Campaign update: Steyer-funded group targets Democratic
  • WaPo: Congressional Democrats plan to launch inquiry into Trump’s alleged role in scheme to silence affair accusations
  • Vox: Democrats want to look into Trump’s payouts to Stormy Daniels and Karen McDougal
  • Crooked: Democrats Have Reached A Crossroads
  • Washington Monthly: Can the Democrats Restart a Stalled Impeachment Process?
  • Bloomberg: Does Pelosi Have a Plan for Impeachment?
  • AP: Pence defends stay at Trump property in Ireland
  • Daily Beast: Mike Pence’s Political Team Has Spent Nearly a Quarter Million Dollars at Trump Properties
  • The Atlantic: Trump Invites Pence to Stay at His Place—Then Hands Taxpayers the Bill
  • NY Mag: Why Mike Pence Is Lining Trump’s Pockets With Taxpayer Dollars
  • Vox: The wild corruption of Trump’s golf courses deserves more scrutiny – Mike Pence is staying three hours outside of Dublin so Trump can make money.
  • WaPo: Trump encouraged Pence to stay at his golf resort in Ireland
  • WaPo: A Trump spokesman wants you to know Mike Pence was willing to dine with a gay couple
  • Politico: Trump resorts aren’t easier to defend, Secret Service vets grumble
  • NYT: ‘Business as Normal’: Pence’s Stay at Trump Hotel in Ireland Follows a Trend
  • WaPo: Open your wallet. Trump demands tribute
  • WaPo: Not just Pence: Trump, PACs or government agencies visited Trump properties on 7-in-10 days since 2017
  • CNN: In the mafia, there is a name for what Pence and Barr did
  • The Atlantic: Where Are America’s ‘Rebel Tories’?

NC Special Election

  • The Charlotte Observer: “NC state board votes for new election in 9th after Harris calls for new race”
  • Brookings: “Understanding the election scandal in North Carolina’s 9th district”
  • Politico: “Trump, GOP fret loss in bellwether House special election”
  • ABC News: “Last remaining US House race of 2018 a 1st test for the GOP ahead of 2020”
  • Charlotte Observer: “GOP groups jump hard into 9th District race with $4 million worth of ad buys”
  • The Hill: “Trump to hold campaign rally in North Carolina day before special House election”
  • The Hill: “Why the North Carolina special election has national implications
  • Wall Street Journal: “North Carolina’s Redo Election Gives Peek Into 2020”
  • New York Times: “A Rare Do-Over Congressional Election Is a Chance to Battle-Test 2020 Strategies”

2020 Climate

  • WaPo: “Your 2020 Democratic primary climate change cheat sheet”
  • Vox: “CNN is giving 2020 Democrats 7 hours to talk about climate change”
  • Real Clear Politics: “Climate Change Divides Dems as DNC Plots 2020 Strategy”
  • CNN: “Elizabeth Warren embraces Jay Inslee’s climate change platform”
  • CNN (op-ed by Elizabeth Warren): “Elizabeth Warren: A climate plan that works for the most vulnerable”
  • Medium (post by Warren): “100% Clean Energy for America”
  • CNN: “Kamala Harris unveils $10 trillion climate plan”
  • New York Times: “Bernie Sanders’s ‘Green New Deal’: A $16 Trillion Climate Plan”
  • Gizmodo: “Jay Inslee’s Long Green Shadow Over the 2020 Race”
  • Washington Post: “The Energy 202: 2020 Democrats release climate plans that could be seen as less ambitious than Green New Deal”
  • Politico: “How Pete Buttigieg would tackle climate change”
  • Washington Post: “Where 2020 Democrats stand on Climate change”
  • HuffPo: “Here’s Your Cheat Sheet For The 2020 Democratic Candidates’ Climate Plans”
  • CBS News: “Where the 2020 candidates stand on climate change”
  • Politico: “Climate Change Could Be a Problem in 2020 … for Democrats”
  • The Hill: “Poll shows Biden with lead among climate voters”
  • Pew Research Center: “U.S. concern about climate change is rising, but mainly among Democrats”
  • The Atlantic: “For Voters, Does Climate … Actually Even Matter