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March 04, 2020
Pod Save America
“Joe’s Super Tuesday.”

In This Episode

Joe Biden’s victories on Super Tuesday mark the most dramatic political comeback in recent history, Bernie Sanders faces a tougher map and a need to expand his coalition, Mike Bloomberg ends his campaign, and Elizabeth Warren contemplates her future.

Show notes

Super Tuesday Presidential Results

  • NYT: Biden Revives Campaign, Winning Eight States, but Sanders Takes California
  • WaPo: Joe Biden romps in Super Tuesday presidential contests
  • Vox: Who is winning the Super Tuesday delegate count so far – Votes are still being counted, but here are updated Super Tuesday delegate numbers.
  • Axios: Biden surges on Super Tuesday 
  • Vox: How Democrats’ delegate math actually works
  • Vox – Joe Biden wins the Minnesota primary after landing Klobuchar endorsement
  • Mother Jones – Joe Biden Nabs Minnesota in Surprise Victory 
  • Axios: Joe Biden wins Texas Democratic primary
  • NYT: Biden pulls off a big upset in Massachusett
  • Vox: Virginia’s turnout this year was nearly double what it was in 2016
  • WaPo: Super Tuesday highlights: Sanders leads in California and Biden racks up wins
  • Politico: Biden steamrolls the South, Sanders takes California 
  • WaPo: A wild Super Tuesday boosts Biden and brings new challenges for Sanders
  • Vox: 4 winners and 3 losers on Super Tuesday
  • WaPo: 5 takeaways from Super Tuesday
  • NYT: Democrats Decide That Joe Biden, as Risky as He Ever Was, Is the Safest Bet
  • Vox: Virginia and North Carolina exit polls highlight Joe Biden’s strength with black voters 
  • WaPo: Exit polls from the 2020 Democratic Super Tuesday contests
  • Politico: ‘I’ve never seen anybody mount a comeback like this — ever’
  • Politico: Four reasons why Biden shocked Sanders 
  • Politico: Democrats choose power over fashion
  • The Atlantic – The Establishment Strikes Back
  • NYT: Sanders Campaign Was Caught Off Guard by Quick Massing of Opposition 
  • Politico: Biden scoops up Buttigieg fundraisers 
  • LA Times – California voters choose Bernie Sanders
  • Politico: Sanders campaign seeks emergency injunction to keep California polls open
  • New Yorker – Bernie Sanders’s Unsettling, Unfinished Super Tuesday
  • LA Times – Column: Early voting is a terrible idea, and California’s primary proves it
  • CNN: Black voters power Biden’s southern surge but Latinos give Sanders the edge in California
  • CNN: 2020 Bernie Sanders is losing to 2016 Bernie Sanders
  • HuffPo: Bernie Sanders Slams Joe Biden On Iraq, Social Security After Super Tuesday Results 
  • WaPo: Despite his promised turnout surge, Sanders is getting fewer votes than he did in 2016
  •  NYT: Sanders Says He’ll Attract a Wave of New Voters. It Hasn’t Happened
  • NYT: Elizabeth Warren Slides to Third Place in Massachusetts
  • AP: Warren’s future uncertain after loss in home state of Mass.
  • NPR: Warren Says Stop Strategizing, ‘Vote From Your Heart’
  • CNN: Elizabeth Warren loses Massachusetts, her home state
  • Vox: Why Elizabeth Warren lost her home state of Massachusetts
  • Vox: Why Elizabeth Warren is losing even if all your friends love her
  • NBC News: NBC News Exit Poll: Bloomberg voters like Biden, lukewarm on Warren, sour on Sanders
  • Politico: Bloomberg considering dropping out after Biden rout
  • NBC News: Bloomberg reassessing candidacy, will meet with advisers
  • WaPo: Bloomberg, finally on the ballot, gets little for his millions 
  • NBC News: NBC News Exit Poll: Two-thirds of Bloomberg voters picked him before recent contest upheaval
  • Vox: Tulsi Gabbard just won a delegate. Will she be in the next debate?
  • Politico: Tulsi Gabbard snags her first delegate in American Samoa

Super Tuesday Down Ballot Results

  • Politico: Sessions forced into runoff for Alabama Senate seat
  • NYT: Jeff Sessions Forced Into Runoff in Fight to Reclaim Senate Seat in Alabama
  • The Hill: Hegar advances to Democratic runoff in Texas Senate race
  • Texas Tribune: MJ Hegar leading in Democratic primary for Senate, but who will join her in a runoff?
  • HuffPo: Cal Cunningham Wins Democratic Primary For U.S. Senate In North Carolina
  • Vox: 7 key House primaries to watch on Super Tuesday
  • San Antonio Express News: Veteran incumbent Congressman Cuellar defeats progressive Cisneros in heated battle
  • CBS News: Henry Cuellar leads progressive challenger Jessica Cisneros in closely watched Texas House primary
  • Bangor Daily News: Brewer voters choose former Mayor O’Connell, a Democrat, to fill vacant House seat
  • CBS News: Election 2020: Early Results Show Voters Overwhelmingly Support Measure R