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April 30, 2024
Pod Save America
Kissing Rings and Killing Puppies

In This Episode

Joe Biden cracks jokes, mocks Trump, and goes around traditional media outlets to get his message out on shows like Smartless and Howard Stern. Democratic and Republican politicians get involved in the debate over the Gaza protests on college campuses. One-time Republican Trump critics line up to kiss the ring, and Kristi Noem destroys her VP chances by coming out as an unapologetic puppy killer.


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Biden /Trump Roundup


  • NYT: Biden Taunts Trump, Calling Him a ‘Loser,’ Trying to Get Under His Skin

  • NYT: On This Saturday Night, Colin Jost’s Jokes Fell Flat

  • NYT: Biden Revisits His Past in Interview With Howard Stern

  • Axios: How Biden, Trump favor safe spaces

  • CNN: Biden and Trump inch closer to debate stage

  • WSJ op-ed: Biden Says He’ll Debate Trump. When?

  • Politico: The Petty Feud Between the NYT and the White House


Campus Protests


  • NPR: Mass arrests roil college campuses amid pro-Palestinian protests

  • Aljazeera: Mapping pro-Palestine college campus protests around the world

  • NBC: Hundreds of pro-Palestinian protesters arrested at campuses as colleges crack down on encampments

  • NBC: Columbia University threatens to suspend students who don’t clear out of protest camp

  • Politico: Johnson demands Biden send in National Guard during raucous Columbia visit

  • Politico: White House condemns Columbia student protest leader who called for Zionists to die

  • The Hill: Democrats call on Columbia board to end protest encampment or resign

  • BBC: US campus protests: Rival Gaza protest groups clash at UCLA

  • WSJ: Blinken Begins High-Stakes Middle East Trip Aimed at Gaza Cease-Fire

  • AP News: Blinken says Israel still must do more to boost humanitarian aid to Gaza


GOP (Kissing the Ring and Killing Puppies)


  • The Hill: DNC slams Noem over ‘horrifying’ story about shooting her family’s dog

  • NPR: Trump VP contender Kristi Noem responds to backlash over story about killing her dog

  • Axios: Scoop: Gov. Doug Burgum moves up Trump’s VP ladder

  • CNN: Barr, who said Trump shouldn’t be near Oval Office, says he will vote for him in 2024

  • Politico: McConnell continues to break with Trump on immunity claims

  • The Hill: Graham predicts Supreme Court will send Trump presidential immunity case to lower courts