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June 13, 2019
Pod Save America
“Norway, if you’re listening.”

In This Episode

The President says he’d accept foreign assistance to win in 2020, Democrats hold contempt votes over the Census scandal, Joe Biden and Donald Trump tear into each other, and Pete Buttigieg and Bernie Sanders deliver two big speeches. Then Congresswoman Ilhan Omar talks to Ana Marie Cox about her new plan to relieve student debt.


Show Notes


Trump v. Biden

  • NYT: Trump and Biden Get Personal in Iowa Skirmish
  • Des Moines Register: Joe Biden, in Iowa the same day as Donald Trump, takes hard whacks at the president 
  • WaPo: Biden and Trump exchange fire in Iowa, ignoring others in the field
  • CNN: Trump and Biden tap same theme: Why are you so obsessed with me?
  • LA Times: Trump and Biden trade barbs as they cross paths and split screens in Iowa
  • The Atlantic: Biden’s Message Is Incoherent
  • CBS: New poll shows Biden beating Trump by a “landslide”
  • New Yorker: Joe Biden Bets on Being the Anti-Trump Candidate
  • NYT: Trump Needs a Target to Stay Interested in His Campaign. For Now, It’s Biden.
  • Axios: Trump’s Biden obsession
  • Vox: Trump’s big problem is that he’s unpopular – By Matt Yglesias
  • The Atlantic: I Helped Obama Win in 2012. Now Trump Is Using the Same Playbook. – By Ben LaBolt
  • WaPo: Trump, without evidence, claims his campaign’s polling shows him ahead in every state surveyed
  • Axios: Trump’s re-election crisis
  • ABC News: ‘I think I’d take it’: In exclusive interview, Trump says he would listen if foreigners offered dirt on opponents
  • HuffPo: Joe Biden: Republicans ‘Know Better,’ Will Change After Trump
  • Talking Points Memo: Biden Stays On His ‘Republicans Are Redeemable’ Thread — And People Are Pissed
  • WaPo: Biden is getting it wrong on Trump and the GOP – By Greg Sargent
  • Crooked: THE FEVER IS NOT GOING TO BREAK – By Brian Beutler
  • WaPo: Joe Biden argues Republicans would work with him … by pointing to Merrick Garland?
  • The New Republic: Someone Please Tell Joe Biden That Bipartisanship Is Dead
  • The Atlantic: By Ron Brownstein – The Democratic Debate Over Winning Back Trump’s Base
  • Daily Beast: Obama Veterans: Joe Biden’s Pledge to Work With GOP Is Delusional – By Sam Stein
  • CNN: Read: Joe Biden’s remarks as prepared for delivery in Iowa
  • USA Today: Joe Biden says ‘we’re gonna cure cancer’ if he’s elected president

Mayor Pete’s speech

Meanwhile in Trump foreign policy on Wednesday…

  • NYT: Trump Embraces Nationalist Leader of Poland With Flyover and More Troops

More Mayor Pete news…

  • BuzzFeed: A Major LGBT Political Group Is Set To Endorse Pete Buttigieg For President

Bernie speech

  • Vox: Read: Bernie Sanders defines his vision for democratic socialism in the United States 
  • NYT: Bernie Sanders Delivers Defense of His Democratic Socialist Philosophy
  • Politico: Sanders goes full FDR in defense of democratic socialism
  • WaPo: Bernie Sanders injects a big idea into the presidential race – Plum Line – By Greg Sargent
  • Politico: Sanders: Trump wants socialism for corporations and rich people
  • WaPo: Sen. Bernie Sanders defends democratic socialism, reflecting internal Democratic battle over the party’s philosophy
  • Reuters: Taking heat from critics, Bernie Sanders defends democratic socialist views
  • USA Today: 2020 Democrats shy from ‘socialist’ label. Not Bernie Sanders
  • New Yorker: Bernie Sanders’s Walmart Speech May Offer a Preview of Larger Labor Proposals
  • Vox: Bernie Sanders’s definition of democratic socialism, explained 
  • NYT: What Is Democratic Socialism? Whose Version Are We Talking About? – By Maggie Astor
  • The Atlantic: As Bernie Sanders Leans Into Socialism, His Rivals Laugh – By Edward Isaac Devore 
  • WaPo: Should Democrats embrace socialism? The 2020 primary, in four factions.
  • WaPo: Bernie Sanders wants Americans to buy into socialism. He’s got some convincing to do.
  • Axios: “Axios on HBO” poll: 55% of women prefer socialism

Some more 2020 pieces

  • WaPo: The Trailer: The risk of going negative for Democrats – by Dave Weigel
  • CNN: Decades of Iowa polling shows there’s no runaway Democratic favorite right now – By Harry Enten
  • NYT: Warren Surpasses Sanders in Nevada Poll, Trailing Only Biden in 2020 Field
  • NYT: As 2020 Candidates Struggle to Be Heard, Their Grumbling Gets Louder
  • NYT: Trump’s Competition for Most Unpopular Politician in New York: de Blasio
  • NYT: How Old Should a President Be? With So Many Choices, Democrats Are Sharply Divided
  • New Yorker – New Momentum for Elizabeth Warren