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March 04, 2024
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Supreme Court Refuses to Exonerate Trump for Jan 6th

In This Episode

The Supreme Court issues a unanimous decision that Donald Trump cannot be kicked off the ballot by the state of Colorado. Nikki Haley wins the DC primary and won’t commit to endorsing Trump. Joe Biden gets another batch of bad polls and gives a long interview about his thinking on the presidential race. California gears up for a big Senate primary as part of the Super Tuesday contests. And later, Congressman Ro Khanna talks to Tommy about Gaza, the Democratic Party, and 2024


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SCOTUS + Trump Rallies 


  • CNN: LIVE UPDATES: Supreme Court unanimously rules to keep Trump on Colorado ballot
  • Politico: Read the SCOTUS decision barring states from removing Trump from the ballot
  • Axios: Scoop: Top Democrat “working on” bill responding to Trump ballot ruling
  • NYT: Live Updates: Supreme Court Rules Trump Stays on Colorado Ballot 
  • The Guardian: Trump confuses Obama for Biden again at Virginia rally speech
  • Axios: Trump alludes to replacement conspiracy theory at Richmond rally 
  • AP News: Trump escalates his immigration rhetoric with baseless claim about Biden trying to overthrow the US 
  • CNN: Trump wins all delegates at stake in Michigan GOP convention amid leadership battle  
  • CBS: Trump wins Missouri, Michigan and Idaho caucuses, CBS News projects




  • NYT: Toplines: February 2024 Times/Siena Poll of Registered Voters Nationwide
  • NYT: The Big Change Between the 2020 and 2024 Races: Biden Is Unpopular – Nate Cohn’s analysis
  • NYT: Voters Doubt Biden’s Leadership and Favor Trump, Times/Siena Poll Finds
  • NYT: Majority of Biden’s 2020 Voters Now Say He’s Too Old to Be Effective
  • CBS: CBS News poll finds voters remember Trump’s economy as good, boosting Trump to national lead over Biden today
  • Fox: Fox News Poll: Trump has edge over Biden in potential 2024 rematch
  • Politico: 4 reasons the latest polls are awful for Biden
  • WSJ: Voters Are More Upbeat on Economy, but Biden Gets Little Benefit, WSJ Poll Shows
  • WSJ: U.S. Voter Sympathy for Palestinians Grows as Israel War Drags On, WSJ Poll Finds
  • Politico: Harris calls for ‘immediate’ cease-fire in Gaza
  • The New Yorker: Joe Biden’s Last Campaign




  • NBC: Nikki Haley says she’s no longer bound by RNC pledge to endorse Trump if he wins
  • Axios: Haley doesn’t commit to endorsing Trump, walks back signing RNC pledge
  • The Hill: Trump says after Haley win that he ‘purposely stayed away’ from DC GOP primary
  • AP News: Nikki Haley wins the District of Columbia’s Republican primary and gets her first 2024 victory
  • NYT: Nikki Haley Wins the Washington, D.C., Primary, Ending Trump’s Streak
  • CNN: Haley wins DC GOP primary
  • The Hill: Katie Porter’s fate comes down to the wire in California Senate race
  • ABC News: US Senate candidates Adam Schiff, Katie Porter rally for SF votes ahead of primary
  • FiveThirtyEight: Who’s ahead in the California Senate top-two primary?
  • WaPo: Schiff’s insider support trump’s Porter’s outsider appeal
  • HuffPost: Progressives Trade Blame Ahead Of Likely Defeat In California Senate Primary
  • NYT: Who Will Win Control of the House in 2024? California May Hold the Key.