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August 22, 2019
Pod Save America
“The Chosen One.”

In This Episode

Donald Trump has a meltdown for the ages that includes snubbing Denmark because they refused to sell him Greenland, accusing American Jews of stupidity and disloyalty, caving to the NRA, and blaming everyone else for an economy that Trump says is the greatest. Then Stacey Abrams talks to Dan about her new effort to fight voter suppression and expand democracy.

Show notes:


  • NYT: Trump Scraps Trip to Denmark, as Greenland Is Not for Sale
  • WaPo: Trump attacks Danish prime minister for her ‘nasty’ comments about his interest in U.S. purchase of Greenland
  • WaPo: A foreign leader finally said what she really thought about Trump’s ideas. Trump called that ‘nasty.’
  • Vox: Trump cancels his state visit to Denmark over Greenland
  • Vox: Donald Trump’s failed plan to buy Greenland, explained
  • The Nation: Trump’s Greenland Grab Is a Throwback to the Foulest Imperialism
  • Slate: The Greenland Gambit
  • Esquire: Trump’s Greenland Thing Isn’t Funny Anymore
  • The Atlantic: Trump Has Defected
  • WaPo: Trump postpones Denmark trip after prime minister declines to sell him Greenland
  • WaPo: Trump just nixed his Denmark trip. Does he fear Obama will humiliate him?
  • Guardian: Trump wanting to buy Greenland is yet another sign of Putin’s
  • Politico: Trump couldn’t stick to a policy position this week

Tlaib / Loyalty comments

  • NYT: Trump Again Accuses American Jews of Disloyalty
  • WaPo: Trump says that Jewish people who vote for Democrats are ‘very disloyal to Israel,’ denies his remarks are anti-Semitic
  • Vox: Trump calls Rashida Tlaib’s reversal on visiting Israel “a complete setup”
  • Politico: Jewish Dems rage over Trump’s ‘disloyalty’ comments
  • NYT: The Toxic Back Story to the Charge That Jews Have a Dual Loyalty
  • Axios: 1 big thing: Trump and “dual loyalty”
  • WaPo: Here is the White House’s evidence supporting Trump’s claims of Democratic anti-Semitism
  • New Yorker: What Israeli and Palestinian Activists Had Hoped to Tell Ilhan Omar and Rashida Tlaib


  • The Atlantic: Trump’s Phone Calls With Wayne LaPierre Reveal NRA’s Influence
  • NYT: After Lobbying by Gun Rights Advocates, Trump Sounds a Familiar Retreat
  • NYT: N.R.A. Gets Results on Gun Laws in One Phone Call With Trump
  • WaPo: Trump again appears to back away from gun background checks
  • Axios: Trump warns of “slippery slope” on gun control amid NRA phone call
  • Vanity Fair: Trump’s Gun Control “Expert” Is Elephant-Hunting Simpleton Don Jr.
  • Politico: Republicans start to sour on gun control laws after Trump’s reversal
  • Vox: Suburban women want Congress to act on gun control, Republican poll finds
  • WaPo: The Daily 202: A Republican poll shows overwhelming support for stricter gun control among suburban women
  • NPR: Poll: Americans, Including Republicans And Gun Owners, Broadly Support Red Flag Laws
  • CNN: The political battle lines on guns are shifting
  • Politico Magazine: The Real Reason Obama Didn’t Pass Gun Control
  • Vox: Cory Booker on why Democrats should go bolder on gun
  • Roll Call: Democrats line up three gun bills in early House Judiciary
  • Politico: Democratic leaders assail Trump’s apparent reversal on background checks
  • Politico Magazine: I Was an NRA Lobbyist. Here’s My Road Map for Gun Reform.
  • WaPo: Parkland students unveil sweeping gun-control proposal and hope
  • WaPo: It takes about three weeks for Americans to stop paying attention after a mass shooting

Migrant policy

  • Wall Street Journal: “U.S. Seeks Longer Detentions for Migrant Families”
  • The Hill: “Trump admin to deny work visas for asylum seekers who illegally cross border: report”
  • CBS News: “U.S. won’t give flu vaccines to migrants in border detention centers”
  • Time: “3 States Sue Trump Administration Over New Rule Blocking Green Cards for Many Immigrants”
  • Politico: “Trump scores partial win on asylum ban as court narrows injunction
  • WaPo: “Trump’s immigration policies speak louder than his racist, xenophobic words”
  • The Hill: “Trump praises ICE raids in Mississippi, calls them ‘a very good deterrent’”
  • Council on Foreign Relations: “The U.S. Immigration Debate”
  • Pew Research Center: “Key facts about U.S. immigration policies and proposed changes”


  • CNN: “President Trump: I am the chosen one”
  • CNN: “CNN Poll: Public’s view on the economy dips for the first time in Trump’s presidency”
  • New York Times: “Trump’s Economic Message: Everything Is Great, but We Need Huge Stimulus Now!”
  • NBC News: “Trump says U.S. ‘far from a recession’ as White House economic anxiety mounts”
  • WaPo: “In reversal, Trump says he is no longer looking at a payroll tax cut”
  • Vox: “Trump’s fake tax cuts are back”
  • Bloomberg: “Trump Says He Can Order Capital Gains Tax Break Without Congress”
  • Vox: “Trump’s fake tax cuts are back”
  • Wall Street Journal: “If Economy Sours, Democrats Will Face a Tough Choice”


  • Politico: “How the 2020 candidates break down in the polls so far”
  • New York Times: “Which Democrats Are Leading the 2020 Presidential Race
  • RealClearPolitics: “Biden Campaign Touts Polls, Obama In First TV Ad: “We Have To Beat Trump And All The Polls Agree”
  • WaPo: “Jill Biden urges support for husband even if voters consider their candidates ‘better’ on the issues”
  • New York Times: “Joe Biden Did Fine, and That Might Have Been Enough”
  • New York Magazine: “Joe Biden Is Either Lucky Or Better Than We Thought”
  • CNN: “Younger Democratic black voters aren’t as interested in Biden. Here’s why”
  • WaPo: “Democrats need young voters to win in 2020. But many are skeptical of the party.”
  • FiveThirtyEight: “Democrats’ Desire For Electable Candidates May Be Driven By Older Voters”
  • Vox: “Young voters of color are supporting Joe Biden and Bernie Sanders. But many want a different candidate.”
  • New York Times: “Julián Castro Is in the Next Debate. That’s a Big Deal.”
  • New York Times: “The 5 Days That Defined the 2020 Primary”
  • LA Times: “Democratic 2020 race up for grabs: Half of voters have changed their minds since spring, poll shows”
  • NBC: “State of the debates: Castro is 10th candidate to make September matchup
  • CNBC: “Billionaire Tom Steyer has nearly spent his way to a spot in the third Democratic debate”
  • Vox: “Tom Steyer’s presidential campaign, explained”
  • WaPo: “The Trump campaign is worried about suburban women. For good reason.”