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August 20, 2020
Pod Save America
“The Convention is good!”

In This Episode

The first three days of the Democratic National Convention features a wide variety of locations, segments, and speakers, including major addresses from Bernie Sanders, Michelle Obama, Jill Biden, Barack Obama, and Kamala Harris. Then Elizabeth Warren talks to Dan about her convention speech and her efforts to save the U.S. Postal Service.


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Show notes


Senator Bernie Sanders

  • NYT: Bernie Sanders Goes on Attack Against Trump and Urges Support for Biden
  • NPR: Bernie Sanders’ Speech To The Democratic National Convention
  • WaPo: ‘We have come a very long way’: Bernie Sanders hails a liberal movement in transition
  • Vox: Bernie Sanders just made the progressive case for Joe Biden
  • Mother Jones – Bernie Sanders Delivered the Best Line of the DNC’s First Night 
  • From Weigel’s Trailer piece in WaPo
  • NYT Op-Ed – I Asked Bernie Sanders if It Was All Over. ‘No,’ He Groaned. 
  • The Atlantic – Sanders Supporters Realize Their Party Is Bigger Than They Are 
  • ABC- analysis: Will DNC’s olive branch to Republicans keep progressives from the polls? 
  • Axios: AOC defines “mass people’s movement” in 60 second DNC nomination speech 
  • Atlantic: Sanders Supporters Realize Their Party Is Bigger Than They Are
  • Forbes: Bernie’s 2020 Convention Speech Struck A Different Tone Than in 2016– Here’s How 
  • NYT: Ady Barkan on Progressives’ Future Under Biden 
  • NBC: Full text: AOC’s speech to the 2020 Democratic National Convention 
  • VOX: Bernie Sanders just made the progressive case for Joe Biden 
  • ABC: After 2016, Democrats could be on track for much less infighting at 2020 DNC convention
  • LA Times: Sanders supporters felt burned at the 2016 DNC. This year, Democratic leaders push for unity 
  • WaPo: How Sanders is helping keep the progressive movement strong 
  • NYT: Bernie Sanders Lost Again, but This Time He’ll Deliver a Victory Speech 
  • Bloomberg: Bernie Sanders Sets Aside Firebrand Role for Rare Turn as Party Unifier
  • Politico: DNC rules committee adopts ‘unity resolution’ on major reforms 
  • Politico: Where progressives won– and lost — in the Democratic platform 


First Lady Michelle Obama

  • WaPo: Michelle Obama’s full speech to the Democratic National Convention, annotated
  • Axios: Michelle Obama: “Donald Trump is the wrong president for our country … it is what it is”
  • WaPo: Michelle Obama’s speech was like an empathetic neighbor expressing sorrow for what our country has become 
  • New Yorker – Michelle Obama’s Unmatched Call to Action at the Democratic National Convention 
  • Vox: Michelle Obama’s necklace makes her message clear: Vote.
  • Vox: What Michelle Obama’s DNC speech says about America 
  • Vox: Michelle Obama’s superpower is her ability to connect. 
  • From Weigel’s Trailer piece in WaPo: Michelle Obama going where “politicians” can’t. 
  • Politico: Trump to Michelle Obama: I wouldn’t be here if it weren’t for Barack
  • WaPo: Trump’s unhinged Twitter meltdown shows Michelle Obama drew blood 
  • Mother Jones – Trump: More Americans Have Died Under My Watch Than Michelle Obama Gives Me Credit For


Dr. Jill Biden

  • NYT: Why Jill Biden Is Taking Time Off to Help Her Husband Get a Job 
  • Vox: The relatable toughness of Jill Biden 
  • Buzzfeed News: Jill Biden’s Democratic Convention Speech Focused On A Nation Dealing With Loss — And How Her Husband Overcame His 
  • Politico: Jill Biden opens up about family in candid DNC appearance 
  • NY Mag: Jill Biden Promises Joe Can End Presidential Empathy Deficit 
  • NPR: 4 Takeaways From Night 2 Of The Democratic National Convention 


Senator Kamala Harris

  • NYT: Kamala Harris Accepts Vice-Presidential Nomination: Full Transcript
  • CNN: Kamala Harris officially becomes the first Black woman to be a major party’s vice presidential nominee
  • NYT: Kamala Harris Takes the Spotlight, a Moment for Her and History 
  • WaPo: 4 takeaways from the third night of the Democratic National Convention 
  • Axios: Kamala Harris pays tribute to immigrant mother as she accepts VP nomination
  • WaPo: Kamala Harris, accepting nomination, reflects on family and urges a fight for America 
  • USA Today: Kamala Harris makes history by accepting vice presidential nomination while hailing her immigrant roots 
  • LA Times: At the DNC, America meets Kamala Harris’ blended family


 President Barack Obama

  • CNN: Transcript: Barack Obama’s DNC speech
  • Axios: Obama: Trump and his enablers “do not believe” in American principles
  • NYT: Obama unleashes on Trump, warning of a willingness to ‘tear our democracy down.’
  • NYT: Trump live-tweeted Obama’s speech tonight. He’ll appear on Fox News right before Biden’s tomorrow 
  • The Hill: Trump swings at Obama on Twitter in middle of convention speech 
  • NYT: Obama’s D.N.C. Speech: ‘Don’t Let Them Take Away Your Democracy’ 
  • Chicago Tribune: At DNC, Obama says Trump using presidency like a ‘reality TV show’
  • WaPo: Obama appears to choke up, talked about oppressed Americans ‘fighting the good fight’
  • NYT: Obama Returns to the D.N.C With a Chance to Rescue His Legacy from Trump
  • CNN: Obama to deliver DNC address from Philadelphia to underscore American democracy
  • The Guardian: Barack Obama to warn that democracy itself is on the line in November election 
  • The Guardian: Obama expected to denounce Trump’s ‘cynical moves’ on mail-in voting (08/19) 


Biden preview 

  • The Atlantic: The Democratic Conventions Is a Reality Check for Trump 
  • WSJ: Joe Biden United the Democrats– It’s Not Likely to Last 
  • USA Today: Democrats argue case for Joe Biden as empathetic. Now what would a President Biden do?
  • The Hill: Biden’s acceptance speech: Watch for four things
  • WaPo: Biden, often defined by his words, faces his biggest (and strangest) speech yet
  • Business Insider: Here’s what Biden should say during his DNC speech if he wants to unite the country and move on step closer to winning the White House
  • The Hill: Trump planning event to counter Biden acceptance speech
  • Axios: Trump campaign to flood the web with ads during Democratic Convention 
  • The Week: Trump will deliver speech on Biden’s ‘record of failure’ hours before DNC acceptance speech 
  • USA Today: Joe Biden and Democrats unveil details of DNC convention including nightly themes, ways to watch (08/07)