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June 10, 2024
Pod Save America
MTG: Jesus Was a Felon Too

In This Episode

Donald Trump meets with a probation officer for his pre-sentencing interview just a day after holding an unhinged rally in Nevada where Marjorie Taylor Greene compared him to notable defendant Jesus Christ. Trump’s crew of hard-right advisors plots a new round of tax cuts for the rich while the Biden campaign sharpens its lines of attack. Then: Jon and Tommy land the world-exclusive first interview with newly minted reality TV persona Jon Lovett, who suffers through a quiz about all the news he missed during his time away.

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Show Notes



  • CBS: Trump to participate in probation interview today, source says
  • The Hill: What to know about Trump probation interview
  • CNBC: Trump to sit for probation interview as legal team prepares to fight hush money verdict



  • NYT: Latinos for Trump Rebrands to Add ‘Americans’ to Its Name
  • WaPo: At scorching Vegas rally, Trump bashes migrants — and courts Latinos
  • NBC: ‘Latinos for Trump’ rebrands and is set to launch as ‘Latino Americans for Trump’
  • WaPo: Republicans pitch tax cuts for corporations, the wealthy in 2025
  • NYT: Trump Vows to Lower Prices. Some of His Policies May Raise Them.
  • WaPo: In Nevada, Trump proposes ending taxation of tips
  • TIMES: What is Project 2025?  
  • WaPo: Who is Russell Vought, the former Trump aide advising hard-right Republicans? 
  • WaPo: Trump loyalist pushes ‘post-Constitutional’ vision for second term 



  • Politico: ‘Turning the corner’: Biden ramps up campaign to calm Democratic nerves 
  • Bloomberg: Biden’s Europe Visit Puts Pressure on Macron to Fix Scholz Ties
  • The Daily Beast: Trump Demands Biden Remove Ad of Him Calling Dead Soldiers ‘Suckers’ and ‘Losers’
  • The Hill: Trump denies calling dead soldiers ‘losers and suckers’ after Biden visit to cemetery in France
  • Politico: Harris escalates criticism of Trump, calling conviction ‘disqualifying’
  • NYT: ‘Cheaters Don’t Like Getting Caught’: Harris Blasts Trump in Michigan
  • Yahoo: In Detroit, Harris lights into Trump over his conviction: ‘Cheaters don’t like getting caught’