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February 07, 2024
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Trump Loses Immunity, Johnson Loses Control

In This Episode

A vote to impeach Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas fails and Republicans turn on each other over the border fight. Nikki Haley loses Nevada to “none of the above.” And the DC circuit court rules against Trump’s pitch that he’s not beholden to federal laws. Politico congressional correspondent Daniella Diaz, Nevada political reporter Jon Ralston, and Strict Scrutiny co-host Kate Shaw join to walk through the latest.


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  • APNEWS: Trump is not immune from prosecution in his 2020 election interference case, US appeals court says 
  • PBS: Trump can face trial in 2020 election interference case, not immune, appeals court rules 
  • JustSecurity: How Long Will Trump’s Immunity Appeal Take? Analyzing the Alternative Timelines 
  • CNBC: Appeals court denies Trump immunity in 2020 criminal election case 
  • CNN: Takeaways from the scathing appeals court ruling denying immunity to Donald Trump 




  • CNN: Nevada’s dueling GOP primary contests create confusion despite Trump’s assured delegate victory
  • The Nevada Independent: Ahead of Nevada primary, Biden uses Las Vegas rally to draw contrasts with Trump
  • The Nevada Independent: Indy Explains: Nevada’s 2024 presidential primaries and Republican caucus
  • NPR: Here’s what you need to know about today’s Nevada presidential primary




  • Inside Congress 2/6/24: Why the House and Senate GOP have switched places
  • Mediaite: GOP Senate Staffer Stormed Out of Border Talks Only to Be Ruthlessly Laughed At
  • NYT | Politico: Republicans are ‘caving’ — Biden blames Trump as border deal falters
  • CBS: Senate border deal appears headed for failure as GOP opposition grows
  • National Review: Ted Cruz Calls for McConnell to Resign from Leadership as Backlash to Border Deal Mounts
  • NYT: On the Border, Republicans Set a Trap, Then Fell Into It
  • Vox: The baseless impeachment of Alejandro Mayorkas, explained
  • NPR: House fails to pass articles of impeachment for Homeland Security Secretary Mayorkas
  • Politico: House GOP fails to impeach Mayorkas over border handling
  • Hill: House torpedoes stand-alone Israel aid bill
  • Politico: House fails to pass standalone Israel aid bill


VSA & NY-3


  • Politico: GOP puts Dems on defensive over border security in bellwether special election
  • Politico: Dems invoke George Santos in last-minute ad buy for NY seat
  • Roll Call: Suozzi trying to reverse GOP trend on New York’s Long Island
  • WaPo: What to know about New York’s (very) special election to replace George Santos
  • AOL: Santos says he won’t vote in election to replace him
  • New York Playbook: What the dueling NY-3 pressers tell us
  • NBC: GOP seizes on illegal immigration as an issue in New York special election
  • Politico: Trump who? In NY special election, MAGA talk is absent
  • NYT: Turnout Data Reveals the Core of Democrats’ Success in Special Elections
  • Punchbowl: House leadership helps out in NY-3 — quietly