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September 30, 2022
World Corrupt
World Corrupt: Coming October 8th

In This Episode

Soccer is a game which has often been called “the world’s most important least important thing.” However this November’s World Cup, the most-watched sporting competition on the planet, forces fans to grapple with the complexities of a tournament which has been twisted into a public relations exercise for Qatar, a country smaller than the state of Connecticut, with a shocking human rights record, that has built the tournament’s infrastructure with migrant labor practices that have been likened to modern slavery. This dilemma is at the core of World Corrupt, a six-episode collaboration from Men in Blazers Media Network and Crooked Media. Starting October 8, Men in Blazers’ Roger Bennett and Pod Save the World’s Tommy Vietor will join forces to explore what it means to be a fan and a responsible citizen of the world while navigating a sports landscape that is increasingly being co-opted for geo-political and corporate gain.